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Things You've Made

Where I come from you can buy these just about anywhere. At Dollar Tree they are $1

well the bread is in the oven and my ghetto loaf pans are working wonderfully

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Gotcha … what kind of bread are you making?

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check food porn thread

It’s bread, but with miso instead of salt. The miso flavour didn’t really come through, but there was a nice nutty, sour-ish taste. Very good. Recipe will be posted on blog tomorrow or friday

When I was a kid I had a Mattel Hot Wheels Car collection. Anyone remember them?
As an adult, I made a real one.
I took a 2002 Pontiac GradPrix grocery getter and turned it into 12 second 1/4 mile show car.

I still have the car today. Supercharged, Intercooled with a 150 shot of Nitrous oxide.


370 HP 450 torque from a V6.


I love the ingenuity of the strut tower braces.