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Had a trip canceled b/c of canadian border closure last week. Still took the time off and built a ~500sf paver patio in the backyard as part of my 2 year plan to fully remodel the backyard of the house we bought this past spring. Pavers are 4 inches thick and heavy AF. I want to pull 3-5 pavers in a couple problem areas to redo the base/sand, and also want to mix in some different color pavers in strategic locations. All the paver extractor tools i can find are +$200 (Bon Tool) to buy and no where rents them. Anyone have any better ideas? Flathead screwdrivers and a thin crowbar are a HUGE PITA to make work with these pavers.


Are these pavers double sided?

The dog seems very happy with the patio and completely unconcerned with any paver PITA’s you may be experiencing.


Get some of these:

I’ve used them for years working on hard surfaces and they make a massive difference.

Other than that, sorry. I usually have a trick or two but some of these things are just really difficult.

I’d also say blast out any sand or interstitia between the pavers with a pressure washer if one is available, but only if that applies.

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No. Pavers have a finished top side so I can’t screw something in and pick it out that way without ruining the paver.

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Not sure if these would work but it’s worth a shot! IF you can find some big enough.


My DH mountain bike knee pads were a big help no doubt.

I just don’t see why adjustable paver tongs shouldn’t be cheap. It’s a simple mechanism. Looking likely I’ll just have to use a flathead and thin crowbar and wreck my hands some more. Damn.


On the bright side- That patio was built to last!

On the not as bright side- That patio was built to last! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I can’t imagine anybody buying or using that big expensive one. The outfit I did concrete work for got a pin puller once for pulling the form pins (just a little lever/fulcrum type doohickey) But then would never let us use it because it was expensive. :rofl:

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I saw that one too. But it’s too big- only adjusts down to carry 6 bricks minimum. I need something to grip 6"-12". But yes, that is exactly what I want. Same mechanism. Just smaller. And no one makes it that I can find.

Actually, looking at it, maybe I can drill in some extra holes to make it fit smaller… Hmmmm


That can work. It can be cut too if it needs to be shorter. I couldn’t find anything on dimensions (length).


Yep. I think that is my option. Good talking it out with you folks.

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Let us know if it worked. Good luck!

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And when it’s all said and done, you can add paver puller to stuff you’ve made. :+1:


Wanted to make bread. Didn’t have small enough loaf pans, so made my own



:smiley:Are you baking bread in a toaster oven?

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No- host doesn’t have a toaster oven. Also don’t really trust those to get to and keep the proper temp

Honestly though, I might try sometime in the future, just for fun.
Of all the “hacks” i’ve come up with, this mask loaf pan is definitely one that I’m quite proud of, especially given the COVID breadmaking craze. Feels like I’m throwing a middle finger at COVID

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So, what do you do? Put the dough on the mask and wrap it all up in the foil? I’m very confused.

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I wrapped the mask in foil to shape a loaf pan
Dough is still proofing

I dont get the mask either

mask adds a bit of structure.

Didn’t have any cardboard