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Things You've Made


Pics please.

Yes. I’m redoing two Arisaka rifles for my sons. Might take a few months to finish up.


Agree, we need pics.


Pretty much finished school, So decided it was time for these.
Took away private information since well…
Designed them myself.


Working on a new Rick & Morty design

It’s 80’s themed (will be adding more characters).


Just dropped a few designs into Woot . coms weekly derby. Wish me luck!



Keepin this thread alive…



okay so, singing and mixing songs has been a passion of mine for years now. only recently (last year), did i decide to start learning how to do it properly (the mixing) and now i have a nice home studio setup with a decent mic, audio card, and imac.

for the past two years i’ve been in love with enrique iglesias’s songs: i could write a book about how each and every one of them makes me feel!

although i’m no singer and i’m definitely not vey talented, i find joy in singing his songs, so i’ve been making covers of them.

this last one, i’ve been working on for 3 days, for a total of about 10 hours.

the song’s called “Like a Roamer,” from his album 7. anyone knows it?

it’s one of my favorites and, although there are some parts that are off-pitch in my cover, a few in verse 1 and 2 (it’s late and i really don’t feel like singing them again after this much work), i definitely like how this cover turned out. it’s very far from perfect, but i enjoyed the process.

if you listen to it, try and not get bored and leave, and instead listen to it till the end. it’d make me happy :slight_smile: (plus it gets much better towards the end imo)

if anyone here is good at singing or mixing i’ll also love some constructive criticism and feedback of course!

so, here’s the cover: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Pc6sXT5eyaPMfn-Z8necm3L7NtFqwThu/view?usp=sharing


Haha lol yeah, I used the original song’s audio for that part

Anyway, I followed your advice about SoundCloud:

Thanks for suggesting, hadn’t thought about it!

Will do


Threw this together pretty quick last night for the Fourth.


Yoda Kermit mashup? Yes.


You’re really talented man


My job involves taking steel cylinders weighing anywhere from 1000-20,000lbs, copper plating them, and using a diamond stylus to engrave images on them. They are then put through printing presses, where ink is spread over them and they are rolled on to paper/aluminum/cardboard to create pretty much anything you can think of.

To this date I have engraved:
Bud Light, Coors, Miller, Milwaukee’s Best, even Natty Lite! Any of them you see on beer cans I had a hand in at some point.
Anything Phillip Morris - Marlboro, Camel, etc. most tobacco products.
Anything Kraft, Heinz, Nabisco.
The Dannon Yogurt lines (the Oikos).
Images for pharmaceutical companies as well as the tiny print that go on the actual pills.
Any time of “fake” flooring that has wood grain images on top of thin wood.
Cylinders used to make film for Kodak, as well as the holographic strips on currency.
And many more.

It’s a strange and super specialized trade, but I love walking around and seeing products I helped make everywhere. Nobody knows we do it that way either - before I started here I just assumed we printed everything, had no idea we still use printing cylinders (gravure printing, it’s called). Most of the machines I use are from the 70s and 80s.


That is very cool man.


so what you’re saying is you’re a shill for the tobacco companies, the assholes who poison our children with processed food and Big Pharma?

How do you sleep at night? Trick question - the obvious answer is “on the skulls of the innocent.”


Where’s that Zeppelin dude at tho, take your bitch to work day is coming up


My wife made this with no blue prints. She’s twice the man I am.


Very nice!


That’s impressive man. I am 6 months behind on my backyard play equipment and it’s not planned to be half of that!!


Thanks, man. I appreciate that!

I actually thought that one was pretty rough to be honest, lol. I made a Power Puff Star Wars tie in for a woot weekly derby. I thought it was cool, it did okay…

looks like I already shared this one…

I hand drew this the other day. https://www.instagram.com/p/BjF6kqbjF91/?hl=en&taken-by=manstrations

I’m still lighter-years away from where I’d like to be skill wise, but I feel like things are getting better.


Woooooow. I tried to put a pre-made one together this weekend about 2/3rds that size and quit before the frame was up… Good for her, she can have my man card too.