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The little feets crack me up


You know what makes your products better than the cheap mass-produced stuff. You can take pictures to clearly show the difference. Maybe it’s a close-up picture of the stitching, or the thickness of the leather, or the texture etc. Maybe your source of leather is superior. Maybe your bags can hold 3x the weight cause of their superior construction.

If you are able to convey these details to your customers, it begins to justify the price difference.

Imagine a car salesmen selling the luxury car option with all the bells and whistles. Once he’s done listing all the features, the customer is really going (to be sick of listening to the car salesman lol) to understand why it costs more, and he will be faced with a hard decision, buy half the product for a slight decrease in cost, or spend 15% more for 50% more car.

Basically, give as much detail as possible about your products so that anyone would feel stupid to buy the cheap alternative (which is really a lesser value compared to your products).


Online marketing is tough. Have you thought about creating YouTube videos maybe explaining the quality of the leather, the process, etc…?


Pay someone with a huge social media following to start a smear campaign against your competitors. Product smelled of rat feces, leather burned skin when touched, etc. Then pay another social media superstar to plug your 100% rat feces-free products on their instagrams.


There is some truth to using Instagram “influencers” to market. Not sure if that’s exactly it, lol.


If you won’t take my word for it, watch this promotional video.


Made a mouse pad, looks great and works beautifully. I think I’ll have to add them to our lineup.


Getting a little antsy for the infinity war movie. I’ve already purchased tickets a month in advance -lol



Made some shaving kits today. Soft chocolate, distressed toffee, rugged kodiak, and beautiful black, all with ripstop lining. G


I made a music video with my son.

Or rather he made my dreams come true , heh.

oh but if you’ve never seen this video you wont get it DISCLAIMER >>

Also yes it kind of sucks , LOL
ALso I thought I looked good in those sweatpants LMAO they added 10lbs to my tooshie


Love it! Awesome job Jen!


Thank you so much !! :smiley:


I laughed out loud, but in a good and supportive way because it’s awesome. Well done.


This, except I more smiled warmly than laughed through it, but also in a good and supportive way because it’s awesome. : )


That’s so good :joy:


Although I don’t suppose a kid should be posted on TN, it would be fun for the two of you to mount the camera and have both of you in the video, Carpool Karaoke-style.

In fact, thinking about it, I should make my whole family do that, too. Although being sort of grown and having their own lives, they may not be as down for my excellent ideas as they were when they were little and didn’t know any better.




Thanks you guys!!
I hope some day she sees it and wants to be besties


Perch for baby chickens:

Perch for bigger chickens:


Pretty cool.

I made a tombstone for my one cat. The body turned out the way I wanted, but the head and face look like some strange demon cat from hell. I need some better tools for carving stone.

I have a few fly rod builds coming up I may put up in a couple weeks if they turn out OK.