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Things You've Made

Beautiful work! Part of me always regretted not playing around with 3D stuff when it was becoming “the thing”, but I just liked the old pencil n paper too much (or at least a cintiq monitor)


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completely agree with the previous post! awesome work

Thanks guys!

Was feeling nostalgic tonight.



Nice! I used to love that show. In hindsight the opening sequence animation is still wonderfully done. (The actual show,… meh -lol)



I posted a bunch of things in this thread:

My tools were on the floor, and my vise was sitting in a bucket, so I made this bench. Like most of my projects, it’s allllllllmost done.


Yay for work benches!


Squared Away!


this is my company. we make the things on this website. Dust collectors for large drills.

I’m almost done with my own kitchen remodel at home as well, I’ll post pictures when I’m done.


Sadly that’s a prototype new product I made. My own workbench is a repourposed dining room table :smiley:

I do more of like art stuff.

Going from left to right:

First one is me dabbling in pottery. Fired some clay and glazed it into a physics book. Second one is some sort of moldable canvas stretched over wire, and third is a clay mask, just painted over, not fired.

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My kitchen doesn’t even look that neat! Take the spanners off the wall and grease em up, drop your impactee a few times, get some sawdust happening maaaan!

It’s a prototype new product at work, not my workspace or home garage. I like borderline pointless organization, but not quite to that extent.

Well, I’m relieved to hear that.

I suddenly understood why people get all sad from comparing themselves to others on the internet.

My garage is struggling!

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Are you in the U.S.?
Shameless self promotion, I am in the business of “Garage Solutions”, as we call it. Might be able to figure something out at a good price if you’re interested.

You guys have some cool stuff.

I was thinking pegboard, but y’alls “storeALL” looks like the future!

Just your pictures give me some great ideas. More lighting! More totes!

I was quite literally planning to disassemble/gut/trash my entire garage today when the wife surprised me with needing her front brakes done, which puts off what I’m planning till next whenever.

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So many distractions!

The only thing going up slower than the insulation I’m hanging in my crawl space, is my fucking bench press!

take steroids. They’re awesome for hanging insulation.