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Things You've Made


I’m just racing through, I haven’t read the prologue, but if you’re going to write a novel you should quick-quick read Stephen King’s On Writing.


Also, here’s a painting of Sonic the Hedgehog that my son made that proves a five year old is more artistic than I am lol


I like it so far mate, I don’t really have any criticism though, constructive or not…


Pretty good first draft. Nice job!


We made this step today (well, cut it) and the porch itself last year.



I love my house so much. Also, dat ass.


Since spouse projects are allowed. Wife is making the goblin from Maximum Overdrive for her nephew’s rat rod. Carving it out of foam and then going to lay fiberglass over the foam to make the goblin. Still in process.


That’s wicked! Where will it sit on the ratrod?


The front like in the movie. He has a double pass through aluminum radiator to cool the old flat head. Mouth will let air through.

Going to put red lights in the eyes for when it’s sitting at car shows. Can’t have then on while the car is on the road… no red lights on the front of the vehicle for obvious reasons.

Should freak out unaware people looking in their rear view mirrors.


that’s totally amazing!


Seriously very cool. Please keep updating pics until it’s finished!



Hey, those were my projects, too! Just before taking that pic I was under the rock, getting it squared. He was in the backhoe, though, so no one was there to take a picture of my ass. It’s also my job to fill in around these rock steps, so a good bit of rock work for me, too.

I’ve manned both sides of the tractor/backhoe at various times. Generally if he’s working, I’m working.

I wasn’t the primary on the porch, but touched every single piece of it, either to carry, place, hold, or paint (paint all me).


Easy. You weren’t the first person to post a spouse project. No offense intended.

Also I helped capture freeze frames of the goblin truck, and help vacuum up the foam that gets everywhere from carving. And I’m sure I will have to help with fiberglass. So I can claim like 5% Haha.


Nice! My friend Dennis ( who passed away in april) would have LOVED it!


Ha! Okay, I’ll give myself 25% of the projects above. On the other hand, when we were moving the rock into place he was all “don’t get under it or between it and the house, and if it starts to slide just get away fast,” but then when it was uneven it turned into “here, I’ll use a sketchy ass, roll-y ass pole to lever the rock up while you put half your body underneath to move the support blocks.”


Built a bed frame for the brother in laws spare bedroom. Japanese style, only higher. Since it was just a fun project we made a challenge, no measuring tape can be used. The square, level/plum were fair game.


As an ex furniture maker I am both appalled and impressed that you made that without measuring anything!


I re-covered the seats in the other half’s bike. Used a sexy oiled leather.



Coming along nicely. Next steps are to cover with latex and then fiberglass. Then sand and fill the fiberglass, then paint, then mount on Rat Rod.


I’m resurrecting this thread to post my new deadlift jack. I’ve been talking for years about wanting to learn to weld. I finally took a class at a local trade college bought some tools, set up my shed and made my own jack. It works brilliantly.

Now I’m thinking of my next gym project. This was the first thing I wanted to make. My husband and I train together so there’s a ton of loading and unloading.


That’s beautiful!