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Things You've Made


There’s not a thread like this so I’d thought I’d make it.
General idea is to post whatever you’ve made or created, doesn’t matter what it is just share for the fun of it.
I’ll start with:

Boba Fett’s Slave 1
Took me 9+ hours to complete and is pretty huge.


I helped my bros put all these LED lights on this roller coaster.


Some are wip.




Bet that was a pain in the ass! But it looks cool!


Currently following a graphical study. Really enjoying it,
Some stuff i’ve both in school and outside it for own ejoyment.

A powerlifting “wallpaper” Really simple to do but still liked the outcome!

A naruto “fan art” based on the lord of the rings movie poster.

And final, a school project, we had to do of designing a game cover.


I grew up on a farm and used to get great joy in watching food grow for my community and other people. Things changed, and I became a corporate lawyer, generally helping companies get up, get seed money, and get off the ground. I missed, very much, the direct reward of building something with my hands.

That said, two of the companies I helped start are on the NYSE, and I am on the board of directors of both.

I was walking the halls with the CEO of one the other day, and we stopped in the cafeteria. We both had pretty rural upbringings and were talking about how we missed the simpler things.

He had me look around the room. There were probably 200 employees in there getting lunch.

He told me it wouldn’t have been possible without me and told me that they were “my crops.”

It was a great feeling that I played a part in helping so many people get good jobs.

So that’s what I build: jobs.


Damn, bit more impressive than a Lego set.

I’m still waiting for someone to post a photo of their kid.


That was the first thing I thought of doing. I had to hold back at the risk of becoming one of those maybe a little too proud papas.


Here ya go- He likes to steal my hats.

@anon71262119 would never forgive me if I didn’t give her a heads up.


Once again with the hat-


Squeeze. Thanks, Skyzyks. Yeah, he’s really adorable. I have liked every age, but this “going like a little buzz saw, learning new things everyday” age is just so much fun. Enjoy him.


The most significant thing I have made recently is a mess of my life - does that count?



Thanks. It is amazing.


Not by myself, of course, but I’m still awfully proud.


I’m in the process of creating an e-commerce business. Does that count? We aren’t live yet…




Show off!


NO! You didn’t build that!

(Sorry I really could’t resist… I tried… I just couldn’t…)


I made these tables a few years ago, recently sanded them down and re-did the resin.

I couldn’t resist posting up a pic of my pride and joy…I’ve sort of made her!