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Things You Wish Existed

I very often forget names of my friends partners. I’d love it if my messaging app and contact app had a smarter interplay wherein I can associate personal details with the contact (such as the name of their partner) and have macros inside my messaging app expand into these datums.

What do you wish existed? Doesn’t have to be limited to technology.

I wish there was an app on people’s phones that told them what color the traffic light we’re sitting at is.


I want to be able to filter out certain demographics when looking through reviews.


I’d like an app that auto translates me cursing someone out in an email to a professional scolding.


I would like police cars to have a chip of some sort that communicates with a mechanism in my car that’s attached to my speedometer, which when a cop flies past me would A) track their speed, B) extract the cop’s pertinent info to go with it, and C) post it all to my website, “Pace the Po-Po,” or whatever.

I don’t so much mind that they’re out there pacing me and handing out tickets, I just would like there to be less abuse of privilege.


I wish there was a pill you could take where you didn’t need to shower or brush your teeth or go to the bathroom.

Yes, I do all of those things more than once a day, it just wastes so much time :joy:

To expand on this, I wish there was a built-in function in all cars that prevents the f’ing steering wheel to be turned until you’ve put your blinkers on.

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Seems SAFE!

there’s an elk in the middle of the road!

hang on, I have to signal!


Short answer: I was being sarcastic.

Long answer: I think it’d be possible to implement a system that just stiffens the wheel, without blocking it, if you smoothly attempt to turn, but doesn’t prevent you from violently dodging something.

But yeah, was mostly being ironic, and expressing my annoyance at people that just seem not to care about respecting whoever’s driving around them. Although you could also argue that turning without signaling can be dangerous too.


Sorry mate. Being tired made me parse that completely literally.

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Phone free gyms bereft of inconsiderate douchebags.

Healthy Jack in the Box tacos

Penis lengthening pocket tool

Slayer not retiring

Carb free bit still decadent Carrot Cake

Policeman for 11 years. Zero speeding tickets written. Your use of the word “privilege” is unwarranted. We’re tasked with enforcement. That’s not privilege. That’s obligation. Police work nowadays only invites meritless complaints, false accusations, bitching and moaning from entitled types, headaches, etc…

Speed limits exist for a reason. Not that I agree 100% necessarily but too many self important types have abused them enough to warrant concern.

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No, you misunderstand. I don’t mind getting tickets if I speed, what I want is accountability in both directions. When the speed limit is 50, don’t blow by me doing 80. It’s insulting to the cop’s fellow taxpayers.

I do think, at least in my area, that some speed limits are unaccountably low, so I assume they’re money-makers, but hey, you need revenue, and arresting heroin addicts doesn’t really bring any. Again, just a little integrity in both enforcing and following the laws. If the speed limit is so low that a reasonable adult has difficulty holding it, raise the limit.

I feel the same way about lawmakers. Conservative or liberal - just exhibit some fucking integrity and we’ll be fine. I just want the people making the big decisions to live with them like I do, not to have some posh taxpayer-provided insurance plan that they keep forever along with the pension they get after “serving,” and then feed me to the donors making them rich.

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When going “code;” i.e. to a code 2 or 1 call (shooting, assault 1 or 2, robbery, etc…) We’re going to get there asap. But I don’t disagree with your opinion. As for politicians… It’s folly to expect integrity at this point. Bought and fucking paid for. St Louis is a prime example of a city governed by liberal shit bags for 70 years.

Of course, and I’m happy to get out of the way. I wish them well and a safe return. But when not on the way to an emergency, obey the fucking law.

Yes, well, I’m a starry-eyed dreamer.

I don’t like an entitlement complex no matter their occupation.

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I got passed on the interstate by a state trooper doing well over 100 mph, turns out he was at the next rest stop! (I stopped myself and he was in the restroom) What code is “I gonna crap my pants”? :joy:

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Common Sense.

there, I said it~

common sense

I know the feeling. It’s awful.

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Maybe that’s what code the county cop had going on tonight, and here I just thought it was beer:30 since he almost pushed me out of the way to get home…lol

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