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Things You Love That Other People Hate


Inspired by the other thread... This one is opposite. Things could get weird, time to let the truth be known. Things that you like that other people hate on:

Having a sweet mustache
The Twilight Saga

We're all in the trust tree with the nest here.
Let the games begin...


Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew


Underwear with dick holes




tuna mixed with peach yogurt


Ginger ale
Body modification
Industrial music
Leather shirts and pants
Wool caps in the summer
making gender irrelevent


Hot coffee in summer.
Star Wars movies.
Girls in boyshort style undies.



They're hotter than gstrings.


Metal cranked up early in the morning or while I'm eating, my wife hates this.

Pittsburgh Steelers.

Low scoring football games, I love me some defence and a power running game with the odd long bomb. Satan who is taking the form of Roger Godell does not agree with me.

Kill games on PS3.


I'm with you on all of these, especially the coffee and DOMS.


People hate the Star Wars movies? You serious?


<-- hates boyshorts.


That's what I was thinking too. Who the fuck hates Star Wars and why are you associating with them?

I love your avatar raj, and I know you hate it. Does this count?




You're just saying that because I love them. You'll hate anything I remotely care about.



i like my boys to be shorts-less. oh waaaaaaaaaaait..........


But you really are only one of a handful of guys who can get away with a g-string.

What other option is there for the rest of us?


I've marked August 12th down on my calendar.


Basically every belief I have and the lifestyle I adhere to gets hated on, so I nominate myself.