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Things You Love in General


Chasing my dogs around the yard. Deep sea fishing. People watching. Saint Arnolds beer.


I also like people watching (maybe just looking for hot girls). Indie rock. Mexican food, salsa, hot sauce, and chicken wings. Cosmology. Lifting weights (it goes without saying).


My wife (except when she loses her mind while cleaning), my retarded cats, nature, vanilla shakes, med-rare steaks, my ever growing graphic novel/comic collection and the arists who draw them....


Mmmm medium rare steak..... Hunting, the Caribbean ocean, mountains, axis backstrap, F-150s


Chin-ups/Pull-ups, bands with insane levels of instrumental talent (Rush, Tool, Zep), Belgian Beer, OHL Hockey, Jerking off to women you've only seen for 5-10 seconds, Watches/Tourbillons, the TV show "The Life and Times of Tim", gazing into the cosmos, Wendy's Baconators


x2 with the music selections.

When in the name of fuck is TOOL coming out with their next album?!!?!?


My kids, fishing, hunting and shooting with my kids, woodsmoke, being 42 and still hitting pr's, doing the things people say I am too old to do.....


bald vagina
my kid (soon to be kids)
music I can feel
my dog
uni-ball signo blue pens
the sound of plates clanging around on the bar
chalk dust
the Fall
the NY State Individual tax return
Diet coke
flat soled sneakers
taking a piss
grey sweat pants
hearing people laugh


Spell check
pass-thru entites
the concept of basis
distributions when you have basis
My Droid
beef curtains (to a point.)


awesome sunsets
my carvin guitar
doing well in school
hitting new maxes in the gym
frozen burritos
my ipod
understanding more about people/this world and myself everyday
riding my bicycle
powerful music
making people think
nike shoes
the flatted sixth note
changing seasons
lighthearted arguments with friends


Gel pens. I don't know why, it's just something that I've fallen in love with. They can't be the shitty thin-tipped ones. No sir. They have to be AT LEAST 1mm.



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Watching my kids grow and mentoring them through their milestones/rites of passage - being a dad
Learning/Evolving - "Ah Ha moments"
Making decisions that I've struggled with, but then become second nature
Beautiful women - there is no more amazing/powerful/terrible creature on the planet
"the chase"
Creating sexual tension with amazing, intelligent and sexy women - the moment when you ignite the spark...
Having a woman whisper sweet nothings into your ear in a foreign language as you are fucking her
Great sex in general
Sailing close hauled with the rail in the water
Cuban cigars and 21+ year old scotch
The smell of Baltimore sidewalks as it begins to rain
Hanging out with old dudes and listening
Great food coupled with great wine and great company (ESPECIALLY med rare steak! LOL)
Witnessing Art/Beauty/Creative genius (Past or Present)
Old tools
Building/fixing things
Helping someone who doesn't expect it
Spirited FRIENDLY debate
Politically incorrect humor
Traveling to a completely new city
Jazz and Classic Rock
The feeling you get after you just survived something you probably shouldn't have - ALIVE
Setting goals and achieving them
Pushing my physical limits
Writing, re-writing and refining my epitaph
MY life (I've created a pretty awesome life! LOL)


Aren't those things you love in particular? I mean opposed to running, fishing, watching, and beer?


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Rib-eye with salt and pepper
Roast beef sammich with horseradish
Smokey Mountains
Waking up at 4:30 in the morning
100 Proof Spiced Rum
Moving cattle
Playing pranks on my brothers and sisters
Living in the snow
Going to Mass on Sunday
Going to the honky tonk
Gym and weight room
Fishing for large mouth bass
Classical music
Theology and Philosophy
Dusty cowboy boots
Wintergreen Cope
Sweat pants and fluffy slippers
Making the woman laugh
Horseback riding
Bear hunting
Dove hunting
Tracking animals




Meat, beer, psyllium husk, blue singlets, rugby, Australia, thumpers, blue cheese, golf, grandfather clocks, studio era cinema, billiards, chess, Moloko Plus, J S Bach and the Hardy Boys.


Adrenaline rushes,
Sick, twisted, dark humour... south park, american psycho, cruel jokes etc,
House, techno & trance music,
Speed (not the drug),
A gym with minimal equipment,
COD modern warfare 2,
Scorching weather,
Isolated places in the country,
Roast lamb,
Travelling and too much other stuff to think of.


Getting outside when it storms and feeling the wind and rain/hail

Sleeping with the window open

The smell of cut grass

Watching the sky when there is lightning from an open window and smell the ozon

Lying in the grass when it's dark looking for falling stars

Queens of the stone age

The feeling just after a very cold shower


Abandoned places (mines, railroads, ports, ruins,...) and discovering them

New sheets

Finding the perfect pair of jeans and shoes

Grilled meat

Hill sprints

Friday Night Lights, Sons Of Anarchy, Dexter,...

Driving around

Great company

My brother

Constance Zimmer from Entourage