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Things You Learned In 2020

Share something you’ve learned in 2020 that’ll have an impact on your 2021

For me, it’s something very minute

Popcorn as a breakfast cereal was consumed by Americans in the 1800s and generally consisted of popcorn with milk and a sweetener

Smith, Andrew F. (1999). Popped Culture: The Social History of Popcorn in America. Univ of South Carolina Press. pp. 57–59. ISBN 1570033005

I have to try this abomination

I learned that getting lean isn’t nearly as complicated as a lot of folks make it out to be. Like most things physical: it’s a question of effort and consistency.

I learned I don’t need to eat nearly as much red meat as I thought I needed.

I learned that food QUALITY matters, and it’s worth spending the money on.

I learned I don’t need nearly as much “stuff” as I thought I did.

I learned that life can NOT be lived “2 weeks at a time”.

I learned that date nights are necessary.

I learned that cheat meals don’t count if you try to damage control them.

I learned that high fat meals before bed are amazing, specifically when it’s peanut butter on celery. Also, keto friendly bread is a game changer.

I learned that Josh Bryant can write programs, but not books.

I learned that Mark Rippetoe knows a lot of great authors.

Man, I learned even more, but this is a good jumping off point.


We have a bunch of corn based ‘breakfast’ cereals … Corn Pops is one of them … puffed corn in cereal … we haven’t changed much (FTR I don’t eat that shit and my son, 2.5, has never had cold cereal of any kind).

I learned that I’m a pretty damn good project / program manager

I learned I’m a better communicator than I ever thought I could be

I learned I can handle a shit ton more stress than I thought I could

I learned a bunch of chess tactics and openings; i learned I’m terrible at the end game

I learned I need to learn more about stock trading and investing

I learned, akin to ThePwnisher, consistency is key to any type of progress, physical or otherwise

I learned how to play Gustav Holst’s Jupiter Theme (Thaxted) on the piano in E-flat (top 3 favorite pieces of music ever)

Among other things…


I have a decent return on my portfolio. My advice, which only applies if you aren’t willing to invest a lot of time, is to adopt a early-mover style of investing. Specifically, you want to purchase funds and stocks that you envision will grow long-term much as if you were to buy land with a small and healthy forest you’d consider that forest to grow over the years accruing additional value.

Ideally, there’s some style of business that you are interested in and understand. Like, let’s say you are interested in video games and you can discern which studios will be more likely than the others to maintain a good track record. Then you’d invest in those.

Obviously, if you have decent starting capital then you can hedge a few more bets but if you don’t, you can always fall back to I think it was Warren Buffet’s advice which was that you should imagine you were only allowed to invest in ten companies for the rest of your life and you couldn’t sell within the first ten years: what stocks would you buy?

  1. Math is cool- I spent most of my life trying to get away with as little math as possible, and now I’m willingly spending 2-3hrs a day during break studying
  2. How to make the “perfect” red braise @dt79 @whang
  3. I really hate the cold- after spending the better half of the year in Florida, I now consider anything under 50F cold :joy:

@Voxel @polo77j I highly suggest listening to the investED podcast

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I learned that eating bats is a bad idea. Had already suspected this, but got confirmation nonetheless.


So is trafficking pangolins, but that’s illegal
Bat soup is quite delicious by the way

I learned I give less of a fuck about having a social life than I probably should (this is excluding online interaction though)

I learned my mind is sharper in the mornings, on an empty stomach

I learned meaning of ‘medium small fish in a small pond’ - I am not shit competitively

I learned I am better at maintaining strong relationships/communicating than I thought I was

I learned putting a lot of effort into spinning one’s wheels is useless; pick a few targeted things and chase them. Then, add a few more

I learned the first movement of Moonlight sonata

This, and more

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Since working from home for 9 months, I’ve learned that when I don’t communicate with my wife primarily through text, we have much fewer arguments. Apparently, I don’t express myself well in texts (or she reads things into them that I didn’t intend).

pork belly in hot pot? oooohhhh

Man, I suddenly miss fish fillet with tofu and tausi (douchi/tochi) in hot pot

Oh finally! No longer a disgrace. Embrace your destiny, welcome to the dark side

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I got over hip, knee and shoulder issues this year. My elbows still play up but they are much, much better. I was also sick less often. Feeling healthy, as in every day normal with nothing wrong and not overburdened emotionally, is an amazing and very underappreciated state of being - that’s my learning

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The TV show Shark Tank is absurd but it’s fucking addictive.


My new weird time killer is watching Masterchef Canada and Masterchef Australia. But masterchef US? No thanks.


Same for me with computer stuff. I had a phobia of it after a short, self-learning html blitz around 15 years ago to construct my own business website cos I couldn’t afford a developer. At the time, the only alternative was front page but I couldn’t stand the lag on my shitty laptop.

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I’ve never watched a single episode. But what’s wrong with the US version? Shark Tank Australia is absurd but it’s not entertaining. The US version is what I’m addicted to.

I hope this happens for me soon

I feel there’s too much drama in the MC US. In Aus and Canada, it’s really just about the cooking lol


fixed it for you :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Oh, ok. I just watch US shows for the drama.