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Things You Hate That Everyone Loves


There are admittedly a lot of things that make my blood boil, but here's a couple of things that jump to mind:

Twitter, Golf, Angelina Jolie, Apple products, The Grateful Dead


I hate golf as well. I get asked to play like three times a week and people don't understand why I don't play lol. Mayo and my job are a couple other things that jump out.


2 things.


Omnivorous diets, Rap music, Political correctness, Drinking/Substance Abuse, Being popular, Chasing tail, People who are intolerant of other people's cultures, and the Dutch


I can't stand when people use Newton's 1st law of motion completely out of context. Just because i's 'physics', it doesn't mean shit when you just throw it out there in conversations about economics, psychology, erectile dysfunction, or whatever subject you're discussing that isn't mechanics. Makes the utterer of such nonsense sound downright R-tarded.


Mass gatherings of a celebratory nature in public venues. I hate crowds and the way people behave as part of them.


Pork - I just never understood the passion some people have for this foul tasting, over-salty, meat. =/


Harry F-ing Potter


Fake tits
Computer games
Fox News
Sports team jerseys (if you're not on the team).


sit-coms, I hate them. I can feel what little brain function I have, being destroyed by the second.


Family Guy is just fucking awful.


And sports as entertainment sucks too.

Why not go do the shit yourself?

I will be damned if I remember another dudes stats for the last ten years and waste cash on all the stuff that a "real fan" has


Homophobia, bold-in-ignorance type of argument, drunk people, religious fanatism, Jose Mourinho.

(Missed half of the thread title, ah well)




Agree to agree.

Also golf. Shit is awful.


I don't know if I hate these things, just don't particularly care for them:


Harry Potter

Hockey (Where I live)

Push ups and Sit ups - I love to Bench Press but can't stand push ups



Religion in all of its forms
Talking about my job
People that take excessive pride in their local sports franchise


I thought I was the only one.


Orlando Bloom
Johnny Depp
Lord of the rings
Black out drunkenness