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Things You Can Train Every Day: Arms?

In your article you include lateral raises. Might biceps and triceps be worked every day also using lighter weights?

If you alternate between training the long, lateral and medial head. With biceps, you could alternate between training the short head, long head and brachialis muscles of the bicep.

Remember that pressing and rows will train your triceps and biceps as well.

It depends on the exercise. Not using movements where the muscle is stretched. Also, don’t forget that the biceps will get damaged during pulling work and the triceps during pressing work. Not saying it can’t be done (I’ve wrote about training arms every day for 4 weeks in the past) but if you do I suggest only using band exercises for your daily arm work (and you can do one normal arm day or arm work).

Hi Coach, what are your thoughts on neck training? Mainly for football/combat athletes looking to reduce chances of concussion, and having a bulldog neck looks awesome too!

Any recommendations much appreciated!

Yes, neck training falls in the same category. You won’t be causing much muscle damage and it doesn’t have a high neurological cost. I’m not an expert on neck training but I would train it using sets with a time under load of 40-60 seconds.

thanks coach!

Coach, what about handstand practice? I’d reckon that there is not a lot of muscle damage from normal handstands or walking on hands, as long as one doesn’t also practice transitions as they are de facto more demanding.

I’ve used this approach with Crossfitter Alex Vigneault to bring his handstand push-ups from 11 strict unbroken to 21 strict unbroken FROM A DEFICIT in 5 weeks.

Essentially he would test his max handstand push-ups on Saturday then would do handstands at the beginning of every workout (Mon-Friday) at an intensity of 70-90%:

Monday: 70%
Tuesday: 80%
Wednesday: 90%
Thursday: 80%
Friday: 70%
Saturday: Test again
Sunday OFF

The percentage is in reference to his max reps performance. If he got 15 reps on Saturday:

70% = 10 reps
80% = 12 reps
90% = 13 reps

3 sets would be done with enough rest to avoid fatigue making the performance hard.

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Thank you coach!