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Things to Eliminate from the PL Forum


As I look over the forums I cant help but feel this rage creeping in when I see certain things. I just wish certain things would never be said anymore in a powerlifting forum. I know you guys feel the same way so please chime in with things better left out of a powerlifting forum.

For me:

The term Butt-wink... ok we cant find anything manlier then the term butt-wink. It just give the mental imagery of someones chocolate starfish winking at you. Can someone with a better imagination please reword this action. Low back curve just sounds soo much better

Adding shit that like it is gear that really does not matter...For example
Added chalk

really, added chalk? If your not "adding chalk" to deadlifts at some point you just should play in traffic. Same thing with "added wrist wraps" Just stick to adding things that really make a difference like briefs, bench shirt, squat suit with or without straps up...

Finally terms like ATG squat. I hate this, why cant it be just a squat. If you break parallel then it passes and is called a squat. You do not get a 4th white light for your taint grazing the floor. When someone asks about my total I never heard the question "how low was your squat" even though my reply would be "my balls tea-bagged the devils forehead, that how low" I just never got this question. Its either I got 500 or missed it.

feel free to add on!


Calling depth on gym squats

Calling depth on youtube videos not from an official angle

Any "gear vs raw" debate


and another, if you have never done a meet you do not have a total. Gym lifts dont count in the sport of powerlifting. I squatted 495 in the gym and missed 501 at my meet...they didnt give me 495 on my score card because I did that in the gym.


My theory is that a good percentage (read: NOT all) of the people who do chalkless deadlifts, ATG squats, and bench presses with both hands tied behind their back are justifying their mediocrity to themselves by increasing the difficulty of an exercise rather than getting stronger. Because so what if Donnie Thompson squats 1265 high in a quadruple-ply suit; I bet he can't no-no-no-no-no squat 135 ATG with perfect technique and abs like me, right?

But none of this stuff is ever going to be eliminated, because it is so engrained into the online powerlifting community. This will probably end up being nothing more than a public airing of grievances, but I've got my popcorn ready and I'm looking forward to it.


The word "Core". die plz.


I started this to be an airing of grievances on purpose. I figured we can all have a little fun with this.


Referring to every single lift of yours as "raw" and "natural". The over whelming majority of lifters are both raw and natural, so it's not like you're doing anything special in that regard.

Saying conjugate system / West Side is for geared lifters only, because the extra layers of supportive material make such a big difference on your bodies response to training stimulus.


Also, any 5/3/1 threads. Not that I have anything against the program (or Jim or anyone who uses it), I just feel like it's the simplest program in the world to do and it's been beaten to death. It's. Not. That. Hard.


Referring to your lifts as "RAW" rather than "raw".

Unless you lift in 100% RAW, there is no need for that.

  • people who think ammonia is needed for every single accessory lift. Hang on, gotta get a hit before I bust out my 4 pull up max singles.


Not necessarily a T-Nation forum thing, but I'll pile on: people who promote themselves as world-record holders after setting the WAPLFA 114-lb. Masters III Novice record in the strict curl amuse me.


Anything related to multiply lifting. Just ask Kirk K.

Am I doing it right?


Eww, chocolate starfish?


Don't be hatin on the strict curl now! Its about the only powerlifting event I am good at.


I enjoy every one of these recommendations except infinite shore's.

Eliminating these things will incentive others (definitely me) to want to post more in here.


Not T-Nation but other forums, Downplaying a lifters success based on body composition (height, body fat etc..). Heavy weight is heavy weight.


Lol. That OP was fuckin funny. Spot on too.


The "look at how fat that guy deadlifting 800+ pounds is!!" stuff is literally so stupid that I have a hard time imagining anyone over the age of 18 saying it.


Adults like you that don't know the difference between "your" and "you're".


People who point out other peoples' trivial grammar mistakes.