🥱 Things to Do When You're Not Sleeping


Saw this post by Layne and gave it a try last night. Slept straight through the night.

What brand?

I just grabbed this off Amazon

I have been adding in Gorilla Shroom from gorilla mind and that stuff is great too. Ashwaghanda and a bunch of other fungi.

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I almost never have trouble falling to sleep around 10 PM but often wake at 3 or 3:30 AM and can’t get back to sleep. Sometimes I get up and read from my Kindle Paperwhite and then am able to go back to sleep, sometimes I just can’t get back to sleep and am wide awake. I usually just start drinking coffee and start my day (coffee, workout, shower, start work, etc.).

On weekends I’ll sleep better, and sleep to 5 without waking up, sometimes even go back to sleep and wake at 6 or 7 so I think my issue is primarily stress related from the week (work, kids’ issues at school, etc.). I also just get more time to relax on weekends, which of course aids in sleeping longer.

No screens an hour before bed sleeps to help (and reading from a paper book) but if I go to bed before 10 I can wake at 2 AM sometimes. I wonder if it’s what Emily was talking about; anxiety about sleep or waking early and being able to get back to sleep?

Might try the fish oil and magnesium next time I wake in the middle of the night to see if this helps.

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Yes. Stop checking the time and just enjoy your comfy bed. Slow your breathing (counting breaths can help with this) and enjoy the feel of resting, which is what’s happening on the weekend, when you’re not worried.

I need to try this. This means I will need to take off my Garmin watch, it’s the first thing I do when I wake, check the time.

Something about my viewing habits and the associated algorithms landed this gem in my recommended-for-you list…

The comments on YouTube are gold