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Things to Do in Scotland and Ireland


Nice one :+1:

Not done it myself but the Tallisker distillery is supposed to be pretty decent. The Isle of Skye itself is majestic so I’ve heard, have not made it there myself though.


Feel free to ask if there’s anything you’d like to know or recommendations particularly about England, but have been to Scotland and Ireland plenty of times.


Actually I think we’re set. Decided on 8 days instead of 15 (money mainly), and we’ll be in Scotland the whole time and leave the others for future trips. Starting and ending in Edinburgh, hitting Inverness and John O’Groats in the middle. Might run down to Hadrian’s wall the last day from Edinburgh, haven’t decided yet-gonna play that one by ear.

Thanks though. Looks like it’s gonna be a very busy (but awesome) trip.


Will you be spending your whole trip in Dublin?

In Dublin, Guinness storehouse / Jameson distillery
Hurling match depending on time of year
Trim Castle (Irelands most impressive castle, an hour from Dublin)
Newgrange passage tomb, near Trim Castle, oldest building in Europe supposedly
Christchurch/Dublinia same building.


If that was for me, then no, we’ll be in Scotland the whole time.

Plan is thus:
Edinburgh- Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood house, day trip to Lindisfarne and alnwick, Rosslyn Chapel, Dunfermline Abbey, Stirling Castle, and anything else that strikes our fancy. Wanting to do one of the walking tours, like underground Edinburgh.
Inverness- Fort George, clava cairns, Culloden field, possibly Urquhart castle (if we have time)
Castle Sinclair Girnigoe en route to John o groats
John O’Groats- day trip to Orkney (Skara Brae, standing stones and whatever else is on the tour), castle mey, then back to Edinburgh
Last full day before flying home will be in Edinburgh, might go down to Hadrian’s wall (depends on how worn out we are at that point), or just chill and/or use that day for anything local we missed at the beginning.

Like I said, looks like it’s gonna be a great trip, but we’ll be friggin busy the whole time.


I’m spending 9 days in Ireland and 9 days in Scotland.

I’m going to be in Dublin for 3 days. Guiness and Jameson are already on the agenda. Trinity College, Christchurch, and Dublinia most definitely. Then I’m headed west to Galway (quick pit stop at Tullamore Dew), Cliffs of Moher, through Limerick and Dingle, drive the ring of Kerry, swing back to Dublin (catch Glendalough on the way) before taking the train up to Giant’s Causeway and Belfast.

1-2 days in Edinburgh, drive up to Oban distillery (hit Stirling castle and my ancestors hold at Inverary on the way), drive to Inverness, hit Abelor and Macallan distilleries, head to Isle of Skye and Tallisker distillery, maybe run up north for a bit before heading back to Glasgow for a night or two. I haven’t booked any hotels outside the major cities, so I can choose to extend my time if I want to.


@boatguy and @Fishdog70

Both very good itineraries in my opinion chaps.


When your going to the cliffs of Moher, I would recommend Bunratty castle as well. Its close by and you see how life was in Ireland for the last 1000 years or so in the villages nearby. Also the pub there sells mead which is an interesting option.