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Things to Do in Scotland and Ireland

Hey everyone,

I’m taking a three week trip to Ireland and Scotland next year. I plan on spending 10 days in each country. I know we have a few T-nation folks on the other side of the Atlantic. I could use some recommendations from locals for places to see and things to do. I’m flying into Dublin, and I know I’m hitting Edinburgh. Other than that, I haven’t really planned anything. I’m a huge fan of whiskey, so distillery tours are definitely on the agenda. Thanks for the help.

Edinburgh :roll_eyes:

Get your arse to Glasgow. Much better nightlife, friendlier folk in general and your American accent will stand out more which will result in you scoring more pussy

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Haha this is such bullshit!

Edinburgh is way better for tourists.

What time of year are you coming?

My one brother is there right now for some kind of conference and sight seeing.

Is it fuck :joy:

Good for a day out at most.

OP all you’ll find in Edinburgh is more expensive drink prices and other tourists!

I’ll be there in the middle of March to the start of April. I know it’s not the best time to visit, but it was the only time I could get with my work schedule.

I’m not a fan of tourist traps, and the locals always know much more entertaining things to do. That’s why I’m asking you guys. Don’t worry; I was planning on hitting Glasgow at some point of the trip. What are the best things in the city (food, drinks, entertainment, ect.)?

I’ve been hoping for a conference over there, but I just got tired of waiting. How long is he staying in the city?

@Yogi1 and @ChongLordUno

Still waiting for the results of the Edinburgh vs Glasgow fight. Which city has the best bars?

It was just for a few days. Later part of last week and the weekend.

Edinburgh is brilliant and so is Glasgow. Both have cracking bars, Glasgow is cheaper though.

Go and spend a morning roaming Arthur’s Seat and the surrounding area. Walk to Dean Village and back to the centre. Spend a few hours in Leith too.

If you’ve got a spare few days, hire a car and drive through the Highlands, stay in Oban or Fort William, drive around Glencoe and everywhere inbetween.

I agree with the Yorkie, both Edinburgh and Glasgow are great.

It appears you may be in Ireland for 17th March which is St Patricks Day which you will have a good craic anywhere really. Be prepared to start drinking early and all day. I suggest hiring a car and doing various coastal drives. Great drives up north through Giants Causeway and also down the southeast. The west coast around the ring of Kerry is great too and up to Mayo to see Clew Bay. John Lennon owned an island there.




A book I enjoyed called McCarthy’s Bar, A Journey of Discovery in Ireland is worth a read. The precis is a writer called Pete McCarthy from England decided to tour Ireland having a pint in every bar bearing the McCarthy name. Its a very funny read and revealing.


Enjoy your trip and time with the paddies and sweaty socks, good people.

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Edinburgh’s way more touristy; Glasgow has cool shit but you need to know where you’re going, if that makes sense.

Like, you can just sort of wander around Edinburgh and see cool shit. There’s the old town, the new town, the Grassmarket, Dean Village. Super touristy and historic. Glasgow doesn’t have shit like that.

Pub scene in Edinburgh is also way more touristy, but there’s more going on as a result (to attract the tourists). A lot of places in Edinburgh really camp up the Scottish-ness which can be kind of annoying but tourists lap it up. I personally think that Edinburgh is better for food (I have lived in both cities) but that’s not to say that Glasgow isn’t good.

Glasgow has a better music scene for sure. All the decent bands, singers, DJs etc go to Glasgow but of course that doesn’t mean there’ll be any good acts there when you visit. Glasgow also has better shopping (according to the girls I know - I have absolutely no interest).

Generally when someone says they want to visit Scotland I recommend Edinburgh and a trip up into the highlands to see some country and that’s it. Go up to the Isle of Skye or somewhere like that.

I can make some more specific recommendations for things to do in Edinburgh if you let me know the sort of shit you like.

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone.

@alphonsus12 Yeah the fact that it’s St. Patrick’s Day didn’t hit me until after booking the flight. I was just looking for a trip that fit in between my teaching schedule. It should be interesting haha. Giant’s Causeway was one stop I was planning on making.

@Yogi1 Like I said before, I’m not very interested in tourist traps. I am more interested in real Irish and Scottish bars (with live music for preference). I’m not much into clubbing, so recommendations for smaller pubs would be much appreciated. If Edinburgh’s better for food, please tell me some of your favorite restaurants. The Scottish highlands and the Isle of Skye are definitely on the list; I love walking through remote areas.

Has anyone taken tours of the distilleries in Scotland? I finished Bourbon Trail in Kentucky a few years back, and I would enjoy sipping Scotch where its created.

To be honest mate, go to both.

There’s 50 miles between them. An hour on the train at most…

You also have the trossachs and Loch Lomond right on Glasgow’s doorstep…

Glengoyne Distillery just outside Glasgow as well to cater for your needs…

I agree that Edinburgh is more picturesque than Glasgow…

More Michelin stars as well so if you’re up for the fine dining experience…

Other than that though the food/restaurants are comparable IMO…

Salt and vinegar on your chips in Glasgow. The way they should be eaten. None of this salt and sauce pish. Always remember my first time in Edinburgh being stung with that shit :rage:


just another grumpy fuckin’ weejie prick

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In answer to your last question, I did a tour of the Oban whiskey distillery. Outstanding.

Nice, thanks for the recommendation. I’m planning on driving north from Edinburgh and hitting Oban on the way to Inverness. Then I’m trying to decide where to spend my actual birthday: hitting Macallan/Abelour or going to Tallisker on the Isle of Skye. I was considering running to Lavagulin on Islay, but I don’t think I have time this trip.

Found this by accident, great coincidence. The wife and I are doing a couple weeks in April/May time frame, planning on England, Ireland and Scotland (most of it in Scotland and Ireland) for our 20th. I’ve been told the same thing regarding the Glasgow/Edinburgh debate, oddly enough.