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Things to Do in San Diego?

San Dee-a-go, which translatest to “whale’s vagina”, settled by the Germans in 19012, is the sight of this year’s USA Rugby Div.II Final Four in Qualcomm Stadium.

I will be in sunny Sandee from Fri. about noon until Sun. about 6. We have games early Sat. and Sun., so I won’t be able to party until the wee hours of the morn., but I would like to hear everybody’s suggestions on things to do while I am there. Our hotel is pretty near old town I believe.

There are so many great things to see and do in San Diego! The zoo (of course!), the Wild Animal Park, the beaches (surfing, people watching, swimming), kayaking and visiting with the seals, visiting the aircraft carrier(s), the harborfront… And of course Old Town has a number of restaurants and bars to check out. I’m so jealous! It’s one of my favourite cities! Have a great time!

When you’re dead?

One word for you Apayne… Tijuana!

Once you get there and get out of the airport for more than say … about 15 seconds … you’ll understand why we call Florida “poor man’s California.”

Things you’ll like:
abundance of attractive and FRIENDY women
amazing weather
beautiful beaches
the zoo

Things you’ll miss:
bugs the size of Texas
stifling humidity
voting snafus

Just get to the beach. Get in the water too, you pansy. Get out and mingle with the peeps. Report back to us.


PS: Our governor is bigger than your governor.

What to do in Whales Vagina…

Classy San Diaaago

I live here and might be able to help you out…

Well, the Padres will be playing at home against the White-Sox this weekend. www.padres.com will get you set up with tickets, etc.

If you’re near old town, there are a lot of places to go and see it depends on what you want to do.

The Zoo, of course is always an option.

Balboa Park has some cool museums.

Seaport Village is always an option, however I won’t recommend any of the eateries. It’s basically a collection of tourist shops located right on the harbour.

The USS Midway is a fantastic tour. It’s an Aircraft Carrier that saw action in Vietnam as well as the first gulf war. It’s a fairly affordable tour as well.

There is also the “HMS Surprise” from Master and Commander in the harbor as well as th “Star of India” another old ship museum, but if you’re from FLA you might have had the opprotunity to tour those kinds of boats.

The nearest beach communities to where you will be located are Mission Beach, Ocean Beach, and Pacific Beach. All three communities offer pretty good times and nice beaches, but each has their own personality as well.

As far as night spots, there are plenty, both in Old Town as well as Downtown.

Here is what I would recommend you do, to get the whole San Diego experience in a weekend:

  1. Get tickets for the Padres Game, Saturday’s game is always in the evening, the stadium is downtown and has far and away become one of our greatest landmarks.

  2. Go downtown early enough to get a bite to eat at a place like Joltin Joes, Rockin’ Baha Lobster, Hooters, Hard Rock Cafe, Fillippi’s Pizza Grotto (in little Italy) or Croce’s. Places like that are where the pre-game festivities begin. Taxi’s and bycicle ricshaws are all over the place if you need a ride, but walking is just as easy, and cheaper… From Old town to downtown I’d recommend the Trolley It’s easy and a fairly quick way to get there.

  3. Get to the game early enough to check out Petco Park, it’s pretty stinkin’ cool. Don’t worry about attire, you’ll see all types.

  4. If it’s looking like a blowout or it’s boring, get out of there early and head to the Omni Hotel just accross the footbridge and get set up at the bar, if it’s a good game, just hang around and follow the crowds to whichever bar suits your taste.

  5. All said and done you can experience the city during the late afternoon and evening, get some great food, hang around San Diegans who know how to have a laid back yet good time, and still be in bed by 11:00 or Midnight.

  6. Take a sweatshirt

Any other questions let me know, I’d be happy to help you out.


[quote]Elkhntr1 wrote:
When you’re dead?

One word for you Apayne… Tijuana![/quote]

Oh, stay out of Tijuana… Too many times people get fucked with down there, it’s not worth it.

[quote]BradTGIF wrote:
Elkhntr1 wrote:
When you’re dead?

One word for you Apayne… Tijuana!

Oh, stay out of Tijuana… Too many times people get fucked with down there, it’s not worth it.


Dude, it was a joke. I believe Apayne’s been around the block enough to know whats up with TJ.

Brad you are the man! That sounds like a f’n great time. PM me your #.

Go to the Gaslamp District-it’s near old town and kicks ass with tons of cool bars/clubs and resturaunts to walk to

Same thing with Pacific Beach-it has a main drag with tons of clubs/bars and restaurants

Find a Dick’s Last Resort-those are great causual bars.

Stay out of TJ-the line to get back to the US takes forver-it just isn’t worth it. If you must go over-park on the US side and walk.

No matter how sunny it is during the day it gets cool at night there.

Tijuana…check out SkyVet on the Avenue of the Revolucion