Things to Do in an Xvest

I just ordered the 84lb model Xvest and am looking for any and all batshit crazy ideas for things to do in it. I have the generic - weighted dips, pushups, pull-ups etc. obviously, but I’d like to get some more ideas. So far my brainstorming has led to bear crawling up a sled hill in it, having a friend with no vest on go toe to toe and basically try to manhandle each other until one or the other fatigues, and shadowboxing with some light dumbbells in hand.

As of yet, that’s what I got - so lay it on me, give me whatever ideas you guys can cook up. I appreciate any input.

Rope climbing and monkeybar antics.


Hill running.

Not for swimming though, I think.

I only use a 50 pound vest, but I incorporate it into cicuits.

A few days ago I did 45lb kettle bell swings, one arm swing switching off left and right 10 each, then double arm swing 10 reps. Move immediately to bashing a tire with a sledge for ten reps left and then right. Move then to sprints with a pallet held over head, sprint up and back 50 yards for a total of 100 yards in the sprint.

I almost puked between the 4th and fifth circuit.

Caught my breath and did hill climbs x3

Then tire flips 10 reps X3 sets.

Caught my breath and tried to do the hand over hand crossing obstacle but was too smoked to do more than one.
Caught my breath and did 3 sets of flat board sit ups 10 reps per set.

The sky’s the limit really, whatever you like doing try it with the vest. Might wanna skip swimming though.

“Not for swimming though, I think.”

ooops…beat me to it while I was typing.

Other things:
Farmers walks, tire pull sprints, planks, side planks, pushups, pullups, dips, hindu squats, eight counts, twelve counts,stair running, mow the lawn (my daughter thinks I’m crazy when I do this),Thrusters, heavy bag work, jump rope, bear crawls, crab walks, chop wood, side straddle hops,walk,cherry pickers, steam engines.

Thanks guys, I wasn’t expecting so many responses so quickly - I figure for anyone who is unfamiliar with an Xvest and clicked this out of curiosity I’ll give a quick rundown of what it is and who knows maybe get more ideas.

Weighted vest
Adjustable in 1LB increments from 1-84lbs
Weight is evenly distributed over upper body and vest straps around waist so it’s okay to run in
Okay to swim in
Has front and back D-Rings for pulling whatever you can manage to attach

Only thing I’ve done in the pool with such weights involved military harassment. Weight relays, walking across from deep end to bottom end etc. We used to have to swim with a brick or our rifles at times, but it wasn’t so much a fitness thing as much as it was a test of mental strength. Can’t say I’ve done it for fun since retiring.

Sounds like a pain - I’m a lifeguard (hardly the same, I know) but we have a few bricks laying around as wekk and I like to tool around with those when I’m not working. It’s definitely no fun. I tend to shy away from most water related work in general. Water and I don’t get along well. I’m a strong swimmer but I fatigue quickly in water and it annoys me.

Hadn’t noticed your avatar until you said you were ex-military. You were Force Recon? How long?

Being a broke college student my buddies and I push our cars around instead of weight sleds. I think tossing on the vest could make that exercise a little more hellish… If that’s even possible.

24 years of fun and sun with the Marine Corps jump and Dive Club.

Semper Fi my friend, I wish I could say the same - was going to join but I have this stupid problem with debilitating migraines which I take medication to prevent. No meds allowed at boot camp = no me allowed at boot camp. One of my friends from high school leaves Apr. 13th though. He and I have been training together… One of the reasons I bought the vest is to help him acclimate to lugging around that much extra weight while still performing demanding activity.