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Things To Avoid?

OK…I’m interested in gaining mass. I don’t care about putting on some fat, however I don’t want to clog my arteries and die any time soon.

Anyway, I’m going to keep track of my calories (I’m shooting for 4,000 a day) and protein for a little while to make sure I’m on track, I don’t want to obsess about it.

So … I figure I can knock off a quick 1000 calories and 50 grams of protein my second meal of the day with a wendy’s double cheeseburger and a side salad…that ok? or maybe a couple of arby’s beef sandwiches.

What about for an after that snack of tossing back like 3 eggs on some wheat bread? I mean like I said, I don’t want to die…and my buddy is telling me that if I eat like that I’m going to clog my arteries.

Seriously, I don’t possibly see how doing that is worse than what I’ve been doing for the past two years which basically my daily meals consisted of the following:

morning: twix bar

lunch: some type of fast food, mcdonalds, burger king, wendys, etc.

snack: another twix bar

dinner: something sensible usually because my girlfriend makes good stuff.

So anyway, as you can see I have been eating HORRIBLY in the past…certainly eating wendy’s and throwing down eggs and tuna and all that can’t be worse???

ProfX (or anyone else), what’s your opinion here, like I said, I’m not worried about gaining some fat, I just don’t want to die.

And for the record, I’m figureing my breakfast will be healthy like oatmeal and a protein shake, after the gym I’ll have a protein shake, and before bed something good also.

I dont know what you want to hear. Anything you change that gives you more real food and less shit!!! is a step in the right direction.

Is the wendy’s Good hell no, better than a twix. Hell yes.

[quote]Phill wrote:

Is the wendy’s Good hell no

That depends on his goals and his metabolism. Wendy’s helped me keep my weight up in school…especially since I knew the girl working the drive through and was often broke at the time.

And, hey, Wendy’s does have pretty good chili. The nutrional breakdown is reasonable, especially if you are bulking and not too concerned with gaining unwanted body fat. You can check out their nutrition info at Wend’ys.com

All fast food isn’t necessarily bad for you. You just have to use the food items that that meet your specific plan for your goals.

So more chilli, less double cheeseburgers… It’s just real convenient for me to eat there (don’t get me wrong, it’s more convenient for me to not eat which I’ve been doing for a while)…there’s a McDonalds next door, but Wendy’s meat seems more real heh.

Rather than what to avoid, although you have the general idea. You want to incorporate vegetables and fresh fruits into your diet. You also need fibre, good sources are apple, oats, baked beans and certain other cereals.

Twix if its the same Twix we have here, contains hydrogenated fat and is basically shit. Don’t eat shit like this, period. Snack on dried fruit (but not too much), regular fruit and maybe some raw veg and nuts, particularly walnuts. Keep protein intake high and drink plenty of water.

Saturated fat within reason is not bad. Aim to meet your calorie needs with as much real, natural, unprocessed food as possible and try to keep the junk to a minimum.

I read some on the oats today…I’m going to use that for breakfast. Probably a protein shake (20 grams protein) and then a cup full of whole oats with some sugar boiled in water – because I don’t think I can eat them plain I bought a whole tub of oats today so I’m gonna have to eat them lol.

I think I have stuff close to figured out. I’m counting my calories today and adding it up to make sure I’m on track…I plan to increase the number of calories steadily to about 3900/4000 as per the Massive Eating Reloaded article.

I’m probably going to take more measurements in 2 months and re-weigh myself as well as pay attention to the mirror.

I’m also (as stated above) supplementing with protein powder (100% pure whey) 2-3 times a day, taking ZMA before bed last thing, and taking 3g creatine monohydrate post-workout. That’s about the extent that I can remember to do and actually stay true with…I want to keep things rather simple.

[quote]jsbrook wrote:
Saturated fat within reason is not bad. Aim to meet your calorie needs with as much real, natural, unprocessed food as possible and try to keep the junk to a minimum.[/quote]

So would the double cheeseburger fall into the category of a real, natural unprocessed food, or the junk category? What about the chilli?

I assume you are definately calling the candy bars I used to have junk, I know that…just not certain if the chili or the cheeseburgers are junk.

Maybe I could do a jr. cheeseburger and a small chili with the salad – that seems like a better balance and has some good fiber.