Things The Forum Has Learned

This one goes out to Patricia: You can’t cut if you don’t have MASS to begin with!!!

Training for strength will generally result in both more hypertrophy and more strength than training for hypertrophy.

…if I found this site a year ago, I wouldn’t have blown $1200 on a Blowflex.

To advance your mass gain there is 1 single most important weight to lift.It often proves to be the toughest, and by far requires the more reps than any other. It is the FORK.

You may think you know it all but until you put that knowledge to use, it’s worthless

Everyone has different genetics and gains/cuts in different ways according to their bodies.
But genetics is no excuse for not being able to perform.
Everyone can make gains if they try.

pick a fucking program, stick with it and and shut the fuck up!

Real Men (and Women) DEADLIFT

Bees are nature’s candy

Strength training is fun. being strong will make you muscular no matter what you eat. it will help you getting strong if you eat good but you must




Ive learned so much from all the articles here that…

I need to think about it.

Combinig the proper macronutreinets i.e. P+C P+F meals. That concept was totally new to me until this forum!

Oh yeah…and bees are natures candy.

Saturated fat is the best fat :stuck_out_tongue:

Kettlebells are fucking heavy.


Just follow the directions.

I agree with many things already said, but I’ll put them in my own words:

  1. Don’t be a hippie, train heavy
  2. German music (Rammstein, Schweisser, In Extremo, Megaherz, etc.) IS great to work out to. Even if they’re usually singing about screwing dead animals. Crazy Germans.
  3. Seriously, don’t be a hippie. Train heavy.
  4. Shut up and just lift, don’t get to crazy over minutia.
  5. Squat.
  6. Deadlift.
  1. Don’t ask Goldberg a question unless you really want to hear the answer, straight up.
  2. Cupcake is just to damm funny not to be on a stage earning money.
  3. T-Vixens have as much “T” and in some cases more “T” than half of all my former training partners.
  4. Doing the same shit and expecting different results is just plain stupid.
  5. If you want to Run with the Big Dogs, You got to get your lazy ass of the porch!

When you look at your Total Posts you’ll think:

“What the hell was that all about about?”


“When did I have time to do all that?”

I have really got to stop letting my fingers get stoned before I post.


Particularly true when you’ve cracked 1400 posts. (Most of which are relatively useless.)

On that note: Deadlift!