Things The Forum Has Learned

A few weeks ago someone started a “Things the Forum likes” so I figure I will contine with this one

I’ll start…

You must eat alot (more then maintenance) and frequenly to grow…or you’re wasting your time in the gym…PERIOD!

Manipulating your diet regularly can have effects similar to supplements/steroids (as far as hormonal and metabolic manipulation). ie “overfeeding”.

It’s more important what goes into my mouth than what goes on the bar.

Maintance calories are being miscalculated. Numbers reflect “too low” as calculated. Example - w/3,000 calories a day I can maintain 155lbs. and sometimes by eating less for about 2 days I drop a pound (h20 or glycogen) but goes to show.

Da Boxer

Carbs aren’t actually the devil, as this former fatboy once thought.

Nice thread Greekdawg! I would have to join the bandwagon and say that manipulating diet has made a HUGE difference in helping me attain my goals. People just dont seem to realize its “what you eat stupid” that makes you grow, NOT necessarily how much weight you can lift! Oh, and meal timing is another important thing I have learned.

1)You’ve found a plethora of information here at T-Mag.

  1. Pick a goal. Any goal. But only one goal.

It’s kind of hard to pinpoint everything I have ever learned from the forum and from t-mag, but if I think the greates thing I have ever learned here, and it has been said in this post before, has been diet. I remember reading one of my favorite articles here on t-mag which talked about a pyramid of the importance of supplements, training, and diet. Of course, the bottom of the pyramid was diet, and I never truly believed it until I began eating cleaner. Now my questions are almost never over training protocols or supplements, things I believe I know a fair amount about, but I question about nutrition, refeeds, meal-timing, protein absorption, anything and everything that has to do with DIET…

This isn’t brain surgery but it IS science.

“It seems to me, I remember every single fucking thing I know…”

~ Gord Downey

Its much easier to eat the pie that your grandma made for you, rather than to refuse and tell her your on a diet.

Things are made WAY to complicated sometimes.

Goldberg’s right. We spend so much time trying to control every single variable that we can sometimes overthink things. Does sweating over whether I should give up chewing gum because of the calories or calculating the energy I might burn by chewing the gum really make sense? I mean, worrying about every little thing can’t possibly be good for us.

Often, it’s not what you know, but who you know.

Catch my drift, T-Rock?

OK here’s another one…

No matter how muscular you are who cares if you can’t see it…

You can’t flex fat.

ive also learned that most people are not very bright. hence all the threads on creatine, perhaps the most studied substance in history.

ALOT of good one’s so far that I agree with…here’s my contribution:

HIIT, or a combo of HIIT and regular cardio is FAR superior to just normal cardio.

Ya gotta eat whether bulking or cutting.

No matter how much we say that all training needs to be individualised, most people still opt for ‘cookie cutter’ programs.

You can talk the talk but more people take notice if you can walk the walk as well, just ask CT.

Supplements are good but food is king.

Leave your ego at the door.

If you want to be an athlete you have to train like one.

Not every big strong guy in the gym is a jerk, but you can normally find at least one who is.

My opinion of people is affected by the exercises they do and what exercises they wear a belt for.

It may look like a weird exercise, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

There are some real clever clogs people on this forum and they will help you if you ask, but do some research first.

Something I’ve just recently relearned:

Volume and recovery are tightly, tightly correlated. In other words, just because I can perform a given workout doesn’t mean I should.

When you’re starting something different, even if you seem to be handling it, the demands are different! I started doing crossfit and upped my Brazillian Jiu Jitsu to 5 days/week a week ago. Result? I’m down for the count with a cold. I could handle each individual workout, but combined with a stressful week, it left me on my back.

I guess that ties in with the old “SAID” principle of adaptation.

Loud, blaring, german music is good for both the soul, mind and body. and it has an anabolic effect

Human poop is good for eating, but only someone else’s.