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Things That Scare You in the Gym


I'm sure you've all seen this before. I am at the gym today and these three young guys walk up to the squat rack (they all weigh around 150 probably). This guys sets up 225 and unracks it and does quarter squats. On his 9th or 10th rep not really sure which you can tell he is having a hard time. He then jumps up to 315 and does about 5 or 6; the last one he gets a decent amount of help on.

Then, he goes up to 405! At this point I'm thinking this dude is going to get squashed and while I will feel bad it will be pretty funny. He unracks it, and does two, and of course goes down an inch or two on each one. He reracks it and his buddies all give him a high five. It was pretty funny, but I thought he was going to kill himself lol.


I saw this guy squatting either a pair of 35's or 25's on the bar with a pad. He was going down well below parallel but his low back was mad rounded. I mentioned it to him in the nicest/most casual/non-condescending way possible that his back was really rounded. Still kind of gave me a look like I was an asshole, but it could have been worse.

The way I see it, if he continued to do that, tweaked his back, and realized he was squatting with poor form later on, he would have been pissed nobody told him.

I guess I'm just that guy.


Thanks for sharing.



if there are bears in the gym i am leaving.


While it doesn't necessarily "scare" me, seeing someone deadlift with a rounded back always makes me cringe.


Clowns.....I have an ungodly fear of Clowns


I had a petite girl spot me on my max bench and she was so scared to spot me. She said "Ohh no I don't want toe I've seen people on the internet that drop the weight on their chest!". I said "So?" lol. She did spot me, I got the weight up but after it looked like she was going to break out of hives she had so much anxiety going on.


Bears in the squat rack. Now that's fucked up.


Uh here's one I saw today....dude loaded up with like 30 plates on leg press and had a friend on each side of the platform going all out on the spotting to help him with his reps. I was almost positive the dude was going to be smashed.


That's when it gets ridiculous.

Bears doing cardio is fine with me but when they start squatting or deadlifting next to me then I call it an early day.


for some reason that made me laugh....


they make great spotters though.


Ok I got a fucked up story that had a pretty big impact on me.

Was walking down the line of elipticals/treadmils to get on one for some cardio, and I was following maybe 6-7 feet behind this girl. She was pretty attractive from behind, nice ass, tan skin, kinda short. Anyway, I'm just mindlessly walking behind her, until I see something white poke out from the back of the right leg of her shorts.

At first I thought it was some kind of tag places in a weird/fancy way because they were pretty short shorts, but then a couple steps later it fell out. I don't exactly know what it is, but it was white, resembled some kind of paper towel/disposable material, and was looked to be soaked in fucking blood.

I've spent a long time trying to figure out exactly what the fuck fell out of her shorts, and I keep coming back to some kind of bloody tampon/pad. I was pretty scared and disgusted at the time. She noticed but kept on going, because whose going to stop and pick up their own bloody rag in the middle of a busy college rec?

It didn't have a string I could see as I walked over it, so I don't think it was a tampon, but looked too small to be a maxi-pad or something. Luckily I never saw this girls face, so I don't really know who she is, but yuck.

That scared me in the gym.


and great mats!


All I need is some pearljam and a few FASB pronouncements and I might just get some.


Depends on the bear, speckled bears are cool, I don't want a polar bear anywhere near me when I'm training, those dudes are crazy


grizzly bears are assholes.


If a bear was curling in the squat rack would you say something to him? I'd imagine a bear could curl my max squat so I'll keep my mouth shut.

Saw the oddest thing ever today actually, guy doing skull crushers combined with leg raises. Hello!!! McFly! They're called SKULL CRUSHERS dip shit, you might want to keep your feet on the floor.


OMG WTF CAM! I hate you for telling that story, fuck!!! pukes


ha ha, it was a butt plug, and "she" was your boyfriend.