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Things That REALLY Piss You Off...


After seven pages of this drivel, it has all become so clear!

The dentist only pulled my wisdom teeth so that he could recomend that I take advil.

The cancer specialists that treated my dad only gave chemo so they could mark it up, and that gamma knife was just a cool new toy.

A freind of mine lying in a coma right now is realy just a very good client. Never mind resetting bones, aleviating pressure on the brain or any of that other medical mumbo-jumbo.

Numero Uno thing that pisses me off-

Delusional simpletons that can't see reason for things that exist, but can contrive reason to justify their delusion.


one last thing I forgot. I guess this does not really piss me off, however it is annoying to see.

That is all the old POS cars you see with the 22" rims. How fucking stupid is this. It doesn't stop there either. Then these people have to put some kind of decal or something to tell everyone the size of their rims. As if we couldn't see it for ourselves. What f'd up prioroities some folks have.


Exactly. For every "bad doctor", I'm sure there are 4 or 5 bonehead patients. People these days expect instant miracles, and some are bound and determined that there is something seriously wrong with themeven if there isn't,"I'm really sick, damn it, and you'd better BYGOD do somethin' about it! What do you mean 'what kind of pain,' it just hurts!"

What would serve many people is just a healthier lifestyle.  As for making things worse, many people don't follow instructions that well.  I know thid fat dude who is diabetic, and he still eats like shit.  White Castle, Funyuns, cinnamon rolls, deep-fried taquitos, crunch-crunch, numnumnumnum...as was mentioned before, some people don't FINISH taking their medication, and relapse into whatever condition they were in.  Not everything docs do is golden, but they generally do the best they can to help.


Yeah, no shit. $2700 rims, $1200 stereo, $400 car. Perfect.


It pisses me off when people have rims worth more then the car they are on.


These cars look good with a giant exhaust pipe sticking out the back and those really shitty tint jobs on their windows, the one where its kind of a purple color with bubbles visible all over the window. A huge system is mandatory as well so when the base thumps you can hear the cars paneling shake and vibrate like it's about to fall apart.


don't forget about the $1200 low profile tires.


im docting about the general md's not specialists that actually can help major problems, plus there is a cure for cancer, there are many examples of people finding the cures for there cancer and surviving, the pharmaceutical companies just hide the facts so they can sell there anticancer drugs


People who tell me I work out too much. Just because you have no desire to do anything like this doesn't mean im doing it too much.

Fat people who say theres nothing they can do about their weight when they don't try to exercise or eat healthy, or if they do one they don't do the other. (Most of my family is like this and I can't stand it, this is the reason I'll never let myself get fat)

Getting stuck in traffic on the way to the gym. Makes me want to kill someone.

Getting stopped by trains, buses who don't obey traffic laws because they think they can do anything they want because they have a bus.

Getting hungry...Literally I will kill anyone who tries to stop me from eatin if its been more than 2 hrs.


the Carolina Hurricanes... those lucky assholes. they don't deserve shit..

go oilers go ! bring the cup back to where it belongs, not in some place where ice doesn't occur naturally !!!! grrrr that's what makes me mad lol


Working a vehicle injury accident where the person who caused the accident is impaired by drugs and/or alcohol (and especially when the injured include children) or working a vehicle injury accident where any occupant is injured or killed because he or she was too inconvenienced, bothered or uncomfortable to wear a seatbelt.


OMG No. This would be so entirely unethical, that the medical community would be incensed and call for immediate action. The drug company who theoretically did do this would have the most horrendous reputation among the medical community, who would use their clout to ensure the drug company is harshly penalized for doing such things and would not want anything to do with the unscrupulous drug company. The medical community would be collectively PISSED. Patient advocacy is the driving force for medicine, nursing, radiology, etc... Patient advocacy is at the forefront of medicine.

I hope you realize that while any doctor may initiate the ideal treatments for certain diseases such as cancer, hepatitis C, and autoimmune disease, the fact that some patients will be cured, some will go into remission, some will not respond to treatment, is not the "fault" or choice of the physician. It's the latest technology that is not perfect and the latest science that is not exact, being used upon human beings who all imperfect and fallible and no two human beings and their disease processes are exactly alike.


My grandmother died of cancer. I wish someone would show me "the cure".




If you can find one credible medical study from ANY country/culture/planet that states they have found a cure for cancer I'll retract the following statement as publicly as I can. No one is ever "cured" of cancer. They go into remission. Grab a dictionary and look up the differences. I, for one, hope to be a family practice doctor someday. I want to be the an old country doc up on a mountain somewhere that makes house calls and gets paid in chickens. :slight_smile:

You know, hardcore, there was a time when I would have gotten really upset and "pissed off" at some of the comments you have made here about a profession and professionals that you clearly don't know much about. Thankfully I've grown up. I hope I meet you someday. I hope I'm your doctor. And you can bet your last dollar that by the time I'm done with you I will have given my best effort to ease your pain if you have any, calm your mind if you are worried, alleviate whatever symptoms are bothering, or transferred your care to whatever specialist will help you the most. Ok, I'll shut up now. -IDMT


I understand where you were going with this and I dont like to be pedantic about these things, but to convert from mm to m to km you actually need to divide by 1000.

That is unless 1mm now equals 1000m and I missed the memo.


Mine too... breast cancer. :frowning: Would have been nice for her to see my son.



Damn--Kevin Trudeau! I don't know about all that. They might want to keep people sick for minor things, but not cancer.


dayam, funny stuff.. wish I had time to read it all.

the main ones have already been mentioned:

  • "you used roids?!" - as soon as u have noticeable muscle its steroids... (same goes to parents etc.. :|)
  • "i dont want to get too big" (cos peopel think that by doing one heavy set of weights theyll instantly "ghet big"

its all just (an annoying) ignorance and lack of understanding really. if people knew the effort it took (in all general aspects) to put on some muscle theyd be eating theyre damn words.


PROBLEM: I don't know what an ounce is.. I do know a pound though. 2.2kg's right? And the only reason I know that is because of this site basically.