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Things That REALLY Piss You Off...


Anyone see the ER episode where this really sick cardiac patient with a huge cardiomyopathy throws a fatal Dysrhythmia and they started to resuscitated him? They defibrillated this very ill person and he sits up and looks fine. Then he stands up, speaking complete sentences no shortness of breath, no hypotensive symptoms, no Cardiac Rehab, etc., grabs his suitcases and says he's leaving and walks out. The magic of television-- the doctor pushes a button, making the patient instantly better. The morbidities and patholigies that took decades to acquire magically and miraculously disappear with one touch of a button. Abracadabra, you're cured.

The magic of television, in addition to "Malpractice" attorneys are a couple of factors that have influenced people into believing doctors can perform unrealistic, magical, miraculous feats of grandeur, when in fact, I'm sorry to say, doctors are human beings like the rest of us and only have at their hands the intellect of a smarter than average human person, the technology that is currenly available and only the latest scientific evidence that is currently available.


punk ass high school kids who think they are tough shit.

Or people in general who have no respect.

I'm 21 BTW.


I don't agree with this at all. As Prof. X said Dr's are like detectives... that being said, they can only work based on the information given to them. The Dr's I work with and talk with complain on a daily basis on the history given by the patients.

Many patients will only give limited information, or some vague description of their symptoms. As far as Dr's making people worse... that's a crock of crap, people make themselves worse.

For example, a Dr prescribes medicine to be taken in its entirety... the patient takes maybe half the dose necessary, then stops because they think they are "feeling better". So a few days or even weeks later they come back in complaining that they are sick again.



People who use their cell phone when driving... like the wench that almost hit my family and I the other day.

People who think their blinkers are only used during Christmas...

As with other people on this board, people that walk aimlessly down an isle and refuse to move over when I say "excuse me".

The people in the park who let their dog shit all over the place and refuse to pick up after the dog... and let other people step in it.

The kid in my neighborhood who feels it's his "right" to blast his music in the middle of the night.

People who think Dr's, RN's, and Techs can do their job in a vacuum.



That I can't be cloned, so finally I could for once be accompanied by somone as cool as myself.


People that moan their own names while masturbating.


women who are already skinny as fuck and want to do cardio or aerobic workouts for 3 hours a day everyday, eat 500 calories and stay away from the weights/resistance exercises becuase they feel they will become to muscular.


Obviously, based on my post, I don't expect much from doctors, so your example of the "magic of television" doesn't apply to me. What I expect from doctors is too not cause new problems. And, if a injury or disease is minor and therapy (opperation, medication, splint or physical therapy) could make things worse, hold off and take a conservative approach.


You are acting as if patients aren't being informed of anything. For any invasive procedures that are surgical in nature, PATIENT CONSENT is necessary. That means it is YOUR decision whether therapy proceeds. What hospital are you going to where they strap you up and just do things to you?


From this week:

Trainers having their fat clients jump on to those half-Swiss Ball things next to me when I am squatting or doing clean-and-jerks -- I refuse to do my sets while they are in jeopardy of caroming off the landing pad like some projectile marshmellows, as while it would be an interesting story I can do without the debilitating injury.


Very true -- doctors need to get informed consent - the "informed" part requires letting patients know the risks.


Incompetent leadership.
I am in the army, and when you get some one in charge that can't even find his ass with both hands. It is really frustrating.

The little every day things that make you go WTF??
Like in my town there are no right hand turning lanes. WTF?? Because of that, traffic backs up. It's that one asshole that wants to go straight at the front of the line in the right hand lane.

Stop lights you are sitting at and no one is coming or going from any direction.
I hate that when you are at the light and there are people to the left and right of you just sitting there also. Why? Because of the outdated old ass traffic lights.

waiting in line and the people working at the counter are just screwing the pooch.
There is nothing worse than sitting in line and watching the incompetent at their best.

rude costomer service on the phone.

Why is it that just because you are on the phone people think they can say or do what they want? I know 75% of that shit would not fly if it was face to face.

people who think that they are entitled certain things.

For example: I used to work in retail and we would get some customers that would come in and raise a fuss about getting their money back. I am sorry, but you were informed of the return policy before you made the purchase. If you don't like it then don't buy from here again. Yelling and throwing a tantrum will not get you your way. Or saying that "I am going to call the district manager" or some bullshit. Get a life.

people or friends that want to borrow your stuff and not return it.

This one is really irritating. Especially when they do return it and it is all dirty or missing pieces. How about lending the car. When you get it back with no gas. Get some damn manners and show some gratitude.

Co-workers that slack off and let you do all the work.

The army is filled with them. So is the civilian work place. The only difference is that in the army you can get away with it for a lot longer. I remember once when I was working in retail and we were unloading a truck filled with product. I asked this one kid that worked with me to help us out and he said "Oh I get off in 15 minutes so I am not even going to bother" I was steaming! you mean to tell me that you are going to just stand there and caress your little balls for the next 15 minutes while we do all this work!??
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switch to the metric system?

Let's compare:

mm to m to km = multiply by a thousand
inches to yards to miles = um, times by 36, then, um, crap, no idea.


things that piss me off:

people that whine about problems but offer no solutions/take no steps to solve it. Lazy bastards

Parents that let their kids run amok. No offence, but if I was standing in a supermarket aisle screaming to hell and high water like a spoilt brat, I wouldn't have been able to sit down for a week, and you can be damn sure I'd never do that again.

The pussification of kids these days. "Billy can't play outside because of his allergies"

"Timmy can't play contact sport cos he could get injured"

"If Pete hurts himself on the playground I can sue the school for lots of money!"

Hate to break it to you folks, kids are kids. The ACTUALLY ENJOY running around, climbing jungle gyms (how often do you see those these days?), being stupid. If I had a dollar for every time I fell off something tall, or scraped myself up as a kid, I'd be a rich rich man.

People that expect instant results/cures. Some things require hard work and effort to accomplish, like getting rid of that spare tire you lazy SOB.

People that can't see beyond what's around them. There's a whole world out there, and what goes on greatly affects you, try to look into it sometime?

The lack of science/math in schools. India and China are producing more engineers than us at something like a 90 to 1 ratio, how long do you expect us to remain a superpower?


good one dph, my thoughts exactly, im 62 and 230, and i dont really look all that big when standing by myself and i never get that question. lol


you know what miffed me today, im sitting in bio lab and one of my lab partners, shes pretty obese, is sitting there talking to her girlfriend about women that are so skinny and how nasty they are and how they cant deny theyre anorexic, and im laughing in my head thinking, are you nuts, how can you sitt there and put someone down, have u taken a look in the mirror lately.


well lets see, what are doctors really, just sales reps for the pharmaceutical companies to push more and more drugs, that is there solution to everything


all doctors do are prescribe medications that cover up the symptoms but never take care of the problem
well lets see, what are doctors really, just sales reps for the pharmaceutical companies to push more and more drugs, that is there solution to everything


I understand that patients give consent. That doesn't forgive poor care.


It also doesn't forgive patients who run into surgery with ridiculously childish expectations based on makeover reality shows who then complain if anything goes wrong. If you have been informed of all risks of a procedure, it is in the hand of the PATIENT accept this if they happen to fall into the small number of negative results. There is NO surgery on the planet that is guaranteed to give perfect results 100% of the time. That is simply reality.