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Things That REALLY Piss You Off...


I can't stand when I sit down to eat and someone at the table who sees that I'm in decent shape starts to tell me how everything that they are eating is great for them, and they are on such and such's diet, and he's a world famous dietician... I saw this on Oprah! I think I'm a sugar addict...

They are always morbidly obese.

Then they look at what I'm having, and say why are you eating that? Thats too many carbs...I'm alergic to wheat gluten... Why are you eating steak and chicken on the same meal? Oh My God! That must be 2000 calories...

Makes it very hard to enjoy a decent post workout dinner. Like I'm supposed to change my eating habits to mimick a 40 something year old, over weight houswife, because she saw something on Oprah.


bodybuilders who eat too much and never lean out!


Sorry to hear that. Yep, legal reform needs to happen. People need to get a grip over being slighly incovenienced by people helping them. Some of peoples' complaints are acinine.


Guess you can't do that if you don't have a space program.


It's not legal reform per se - what they really have to do is cut the number of law schools in half. Look at the number of AMA approved med schools in the USA and then compare it to the number of ABA approved law schools - it's more than 2 to 1.

The main reason? Law schools are very cheap for a university to set up. All you need is a Westlaw account,a small library, a table, and a law professor. No fancy labs, no scientific equipment, etc. Then you can charge 90% of med school tuition and the kids come in droves. It's the ultimate cash cow for many universities. It's good business for them to set up law schools - it subsidizes a lot of other programs at the university.

Too many fucking lawyers - 50% shouldn't even be lawyers in the first place. A bunch of hacks.

You have graduates of these lower-tier law schools polluting the airwaves with personal injury/worker's comp ads "invitation to file suit" inviting all kinds of scumbags to file bullshit claims against employers, hospitals, and MD's. 9 out of 10 personal injury claims are fucking bullshit, and in the long run we all end up paying for it in the form of higher health insurance costs. Why? because it's the only way they can make decent money in the field, because unless they graduate top 5 in their class - no reputable firm is going to touch them.

I say this as a practicing attorney - my oldest brother is an MD, and I have the utmost respect for the profession - thank god I am a tax attorney and don't muddy my hands with those scumbags. In fact, I help many MD's protect their assets against those predators.



It's well documented that when doctors strike/hospitals close/medical help leaves an area the death rate goes down. When I first heard this (about 30 years ago) I assumed the phenomenon to be a short term blip. Nope, it turns out with a sustained vacuum of medical help, the death rate stays lower.


So you take this to mean the hospitals were killing all of the people? That is like taking a study that shows that butterflies increase in population statistically before major hurricanes hit and coming to the conclusion that butterflies cause hurricanes.


That dipshit deserves to die ....


As opposed to those who actually are, and there are plenty...


  1. Cite references for this study, hopefully one that more recent than the 70's

  2. In no way does correlation prove causation. For instance, studies have shown that the longer the forearm of children, the better their reading ability. I'll let you ponder how that works.


Methuselah was 969 when he died, that Adam guy 930. They had no hospitals or even doctors back then. If Eve had listened to Adam and refrained form taking that first aid course, they probably would still be living today. Case closed.


I like my women 40 years old:)


Do you realize that once "doctors strike/hospitals close/medical help leaves an area" the sick patients (i.e. those likely to die) are transferred out to different hospitals/areas? So statistics won't register them in the underserved area? I used to practice in a small area with a small hospital and NO subspeciality doc available except for a general surgeon. ALL my really sick patients (ICU sick) were transferred out and most died at the referral hospital from the neighboring county. So our county's death rates were lower then the others, go figure.
To the poster that said to go to the specialist, this is not too smart, regardless whether insurance allows for it or not. Chances are the specialist will see a disease in their field (like chest pain being heart disease for cardiologist, reflux for GI guy, lung disease for pulmonary, rib/sternal/spinal disease to rheumatologist or orthopod, panic attack for psychiatrist, shingles to neurologist, some malignancy to oncologist and so on).
And something that pisses me off is the TV series/shows/movies where every medical student is smarter than the real life professor, all diseases get diagnosed and treated in ER, only the bad guy dies but the good one survives after being shot, poisoned, drowned, smothered and then cut into small pieces. This is FICTION but patients all expect same care and results like in movies. Get real!


Reminds me of a joke you can play on your friends:

Next time you're hanging out, start tying your shoes in an elborate fashion. Make a big show out of it until one of your friends asks: "Hey why are tying your shoes like that?"

You: "To keep bears away."

Friend: "But there's no bears around here!"

You: "See how well it works?"


well considering most of the world uses kilos..........


fuck the rest of the world. pounds and ounces forever bitches.

fuck yo couch.


I'm still pissed that they cancelled Saved By the Bell.


I haven't seen studies. I hear about it now and then on regular news outlets. I think I heard it a few month ago on PBS.

I wouldn't call Doctors killers but lots of people die from medication error and post op infections. I don't have numbers but I know lots of operations and medications are unnecessary so I have to believe that there are people unnecessarily dying due to the medical care they are given.

I might think these instances are rare but my experiences with medical help make me suspect otherwise. I'm not going to bring alot of new shit into this thread, so take Belligerent's experience from earlier in the thread. If his Knee Doc had said to him "Your a young man and your knee is only hurting when you train. Be patient, give it another year before you consider surgery" he probably wouldn't be called Forrest right now (Gump, that is).

Doctors are generally too invasive and I understand that's not always their fault. They have guidlines that tell them what they should do given a set of circumstances and if they do differently, they can be in big trouble.

The problems I see with medical help are greed - docs want the checks for the proceedures, guidlines that allow for no variation based on the individual or the severity, too much medication, and last, poor post op follow up, especially in that they don't take complaints seriously enough.


Wow! Thank you for that great input! Great information!


You seem a little misguided. I can tell you right now that if Billigerent had not been informed of the risks of the procedure, he would be able to sue. The fact that he states he can't shows he was informed. He sounds like a guy who simply didn't like the outcome.