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Things That REALLY Piss You Off...


OMG, yes! (I hate Gattitown or Gattiland or any variation thereof - we have one down the street.) It's a FAMILY restaurant. If you wanted a quiet peaceful meal, you shoulda gone to some uppity snob-filled place.

Things that piss me off today: When other ppl's moods affect me. I woke up all pissed off this morning because I was hanging around a friend last night who was in a bad mood (she's pregnant, havnig an allergic reaction, and had a very long & busy day - she has a right to be irritable!) for TWO HOURS. I must have sucked it into my own self or something because I've been pissed off all day.

I also hate when your period is late and none of the freaking pregnancy tests show up positive because you ovulated 2 weeks ago and apparently they don't make a test sensitive enough yet to tell if you're pregnant!!!!! And the ones that claim "Test 4 days before your period" are FULL OF CRAP!!!!! I'd be just fine w/ a positive result. I just want a definitive result already!!! I'm 3 days late! Come on!


Reread my post. My point was, whether the symptoms have lasted four weeks or six weeks, either way they tell you to come back in two weeks. I'm not sure what they would do two weeks after the four weeks, but whatever it is, they should do it immediately after six weeks. I highly suspect that if I said I'd had a cough for ten weeks, they'd also tell me to come back in two weeks if it doesn't get better.

An ENT will at least stick a tube up my nose and take a serious look. Also, he'll have a much better idea what he's looking for. This in fact happened about a month ago, and the ENT immediately told me my throat was irritated from (otherwise symptomless) acid reflux. More to the point, just from my description of how the cough felt, he highly suspected it before looking. It seems I get some reflux from coughing hard from a cold/flu, which causes more coughing and continued reflux. The exact same thing happened to me about ten years ago, and the doctor (a well regarded internist), shrugged his shoulders through a few visits, then prescribed some antihistamines for the post-nasal drip (caused by the irritation, but not the root problem). Finally I just waited a few months and the problem resolved itself, but a correct diagnosis and treatment would have saved me a lot of annoyance and sleepless nights.

The truth is, given the huge numbers of diseases and medical problems, you have a much better chance of getting a quick and accurate diagnosis from a specialist, especially an experienced one. Of course, there are exceptions.


yeah i know something about those fields.... they're all bullshit!


Gee, when I have patients with any disorder that I would like to see over time in order to track progression, my usual time is also two weeks or whatever specific time is available in the books around that time period. THAT is why you are told to come back. It is because whoever is taking a look at you has never seen you before and as such can't tell if the problem is getting worse, staying the same or resolving. Often, relying on the patient for this is near useless.

A dentist could have possibly told you the same thing without a nasal scope. What was the treatment for the acid reflux? This is a recurring problem for you? If it is, it might be even more serious than you were told by your specialist so the recommendation would be to get a second opinion.

There are huge exceptions that make your statement completely pointless.


To be fair though, my grandfather was correctly diagnosed with long term carbon tetrachloride poisoning by a small town GP after the best skin specialists in the country couldn't figure it out (his only symptom was blistering skin). The difference is, this guy had seen it before.


The problem is gone now after a few weeks on acid blockers, and hasn't returned after a few weeks off them. If I have any reflux except during hard coughing, it's not bad enough to cause a cough, or anything else. I suppose treating the cough alone with narcotic cough suppressants would also have worked.


For the description of a cough, the patient is all they have to rely on.


What is pointless about having a much better chance for a correct diagnosis? You have to play the odds, given the information you have.


For the description of anything, the patient is all you have to rely on...which is most often the worst resource for information.


Indeed. I grew up knowing that my doctor (be it a homeopath or an allopathic doctor) needed to know in as much detail what was wrong with me. Every symptom I could think of, from head to toe, was discussed. It gives the doctor a clearer picture of what's wrong.

People need to open up and talk. "I have a cough." doe snot constitute "tlkaing" to your doctor.


People who don't understand the metric system. :slight_smile: It's a really easy system to comprehend.


They actually get physically abused by patients? That's sad and scary.

I often say that I only went to law school because I didn't do well enough in chemistry to go to med school. I find medicine fascinating, and out of respect for the profession, I refused to have anything to do with medical malpractice. Most of the docs I've known have respected my intelligence. My one pet peeve is doctors who think they know everything, especially the ones who think that lifting weights is "bad." My wife injured her knee skiing a few years back and her ortho told her to never do squats again because they are "bad for the knees." He recommended leg presses instead. I was pissed.


Thats like saying latin is easy to understand if you've been speaking french all your life.

SInce i work in a shop, customers who ask me if something is in stock, i tell them it isnt and they then go ask someone else, annoys me. People who walk too slow. people who take who the entire aisle with their dam trolley. 40 year old woman who think they're sexy, fat bitches who think they're sexy. people when they're drunk, like "i dont know what im doing" drunk.

But i disagree with most of the comments about how docters are bad. Where i live its a matter of you tell them the symtoms, they tell you what it may be, and they run a quick physical check. They then prescribe you something and it works.

Also what annoys me is people who will sue over anything. "i fell over whilst walking on a marble floor wearing stilettos, i was afraid i had seriously hurt my knee." You didnt hurt your knee, and you were stupid to not walk carefully on marble, that stuff is smooth anyway, and wearing stileto's will make it even worse. "my docter diagnosed me with cancer, i sued him for $500k, you can do the same too" I know, lets tell all the docters to use a secret word instead of cancer. "You sir, have 'plaster', please go to the nurse and tell her, she will then knock you out whilst we attempt to treat you. If it fails, we will make sure you never knew"


I find it easy to understand the metric system and i used SAE until I got to college. I still have to convert everything in my head to get approximations to SAE but it isn't that hard. Plus when you are looking at chemistry and physics it is a lot easier to use metric than SAE.

On a tangent, I hate stupid people that are booksmart. Example- I had a chem prof that wanted to examine which species of corn would produce the best biodiesel. To extract the oil from the corn he built a press that was supposed to squeeze the oil out (a freakin PhD thought this would work). Thats like trying to squeeze the water out of a dry sponge, you know that there is a little bit of humidity in it, but you can't get it out by squeezing it. Also there is a reason that the industries use solvents to extract the oil, because its the only way that works.


We don't use the metric system in America, if posters want help they should conform to the majority.

If I go and post on a forum in Asia should I expect them to translate my english to japanese?


Yes. All the time. And to think, most of them were the "nerdy" type and harmless and are only trying to do good for their patients.

A nurse friend of mine who had three PhD's is now permanently brain damaged after her skull was fractured in an attack by a patient she was helping. Another friend of mine has several spine bones broken at the hands of a patient she was helping. My hand was broken by a patient who I was helping and the bone permanently displaced. Very common.

But it's common to all helping professions. Even though someone put themselves in a certain scenario and you arrive to help them, you can also be the person they see is ok to vent upon and some people vent their frustrations on their helpers verbally, physically and even with weapons.

And defending yourself from harm, you will still be to blame. Example: My nurse friend was helping a guy who was mentally disturbed who had just walked in. The guy pulled out a weapon and tried to stab my friend, who then proceeded to defend his own life by wrestling him to the ground and taking the weapon from the patient, and the patient in the scuffle suffered bruises and abrasions. Days later the guy's civil attorney contacted the hospital admininstration about the attacker having been victimized by my friend. And my friend had to deal with all kinds of legal/job woes because of it. I can't imagine what would have happened if the nurse who intook that guy had been one of the petite female staff members.

If legal reform for all these kinds of cases doesn't happen soon, there will be less and less of the best and brightest practitioners out there, burned by the legal system, they leave the field and go to other fields. There truly is no support for people in helping professions who are doing the right thing. And this leaves the community with more and more of the kind of people who only go into it for the money so don't care if they got their medical degree from a tent in a third world country or off the internet. And the best and the brightest avoiding and/or leaving the field means hospitals are more and more willing to hire just about anybody with any piece of paper. Scary. None of us are getting any younger and sooner or later we'll need medical care. Food for thought.


I dont blame these fucktard people, I just wish I could meet their parents and tell them what a shitty job they did raising their child.

And i forgot one, nothing pisses me off more than these useless bastards that sue for everything and anything.


People that just stop at the end of the escalater...i mean seriously, where do they expect you to go?


Sean_H 1 kilo = 2.2 lbs Peace


The legal profession affects more than just Medicine. It affects every business you deal with. I have never been sued but I have been threatened by someone not even claiming to be injured but I inconvenienced them.