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Things That REALLY Piss You Off...


eyes rolling Maybe if ppl were more specific with their symptoms and what's going on with their bodies and actually TALKED to their doctors they'd get a diagnosis much sooner!

I had a persistent cough and various other symptoms in January. Someone mentioned pneumonia was going around, so we got online and looked up the symptoms for pneumonia. I had most of them.

I made an appointment w/ my doctor who saw me that day and when I listed all of my symptoms IN DETAIL, he was able to properly diagnose me w/ bronchitis and prescribe me with an antibiotic.

I am the LAST person you will see volunteering to go see the doctor. I am a total hippie. BUT I know when natural remedies no longer work or when I need to see my doctor.

Doctors in general are not the evil horrible beings ppl make them out to be. It's typically the PATIENT who isn't crystal clear with their doctor about their symptoms or personal health choices.


Apparently he expects his doc to have magic wands, be able to mind read, and be able to beam his sickness out or something.


Last Novemeber I went to a reknowned sports medicine physician- considered one of the best in the country- with a common running injury. I was actually 100% pain free at the time, the only problem being that the injury recurred every time I attempted to start training again. Seven months later, as a result of his treatment, I can no longer walk without braces on my feet and lower legs, and even that causes pain. No reduction of symptoms, only a massive loss of functional capacity. I can't sue him for malpractice because what he did is not considered outside the realm of "standard" medical care. I have subsequently been to about ten other specialists, whose consultations ranged from generic and unhelpful ("try icing it and come back in a month") to criminal (tried to sell me magnets). All doctors except the ER/trauma guys can just go the fuck to hell.


First, I am sorry you are in pain from an injury. However, let's look at this:

So, in other words, you were NOT 100% pain free.

I have no idea of the specifics of your case because you didn't outline them. However, you damned the docs who tried to handle it conservatively (the ones who said to ice it and watch it) and then you damn the one who went ahead and treated the condition. What, and I truly want to understand this from you, was the alternative that you think was overlooked?


Larry I am guessing the Doctor suspects Allergy, but will keep an eye on it.


I HATE when protein powder gets globbed in the corner of the shaker cup and doesn't mix...WTF


  1. Being forced to listen to James Blunt when I work out.

  2. Being forced to listen to a guy who sings along to James Blunt when I work out.


Slow fuckers in the left lane(seniors)

People who bring their crying shit machines(a.k.a babies)into a resturant


Speaking of doctors, the whole "I'm the doctor and I know everything. You're the patient and you don't know jack shit" attitude severely chaps me.


Not all doctors are evil, just like not all lawyers are evil, but there are bad ones that give the rest a bad name. I realize that doctors study medicine and that medicine is a massive field and the ability of a patient to relay their syptoms is very important. However my biggest pet peeve against some doctors is when they are unwilling to accept natural remedies. I don't nessecarily mean herbal remedies but vitamins. Many doctors are too quick to perscribe drugs when there are natural rememdies that work just as well with fewer side effects. But I do believe that most doctors get into the field to help people and do generally care about their patients.


Seniors usually get a pass from me. Bimbrains gabbing on their cell phone do not.

How about an infant at a big loud movie like X3? Of course the kid decided to start crying at one of the quiet points of the movie. WTF goes through their brains? I guess the fact that they've apparently exhausted their babysitting options is telling enough...


1.Older generation of people (I'm 24) that never got into any type of weight training in their entire life trying to tell you all that weightlifting doesn't do ne thing for you.

2.Men over 45 telling me "Ya know when I was in my 20's I used to have arms like this" OK WOW!!!That's really "impressive"

3.My favorite "Ya know I knew I guy once that could do this that and the other thing"OK Dick but but was it you no then does it matter.

4.Having fat asses tell you your a health for actually understanding nutrition and following a game plan.Sometimes I just wanna tell people "And that's why you look like that"

  1. Everyday Gym Rats coming up to you and saying "Wow kid that's alotta weight you have on there." Well yeah if actually invested your time into learning real useful info instead of reading this Month's Health&Fitness maybe you wouldn't be handling the same weight for the last godamn 10yrs.

That's the most pitfull part actually investing your time in excercising and not growing,or getting stronger/bigger while you've been at it.I mean if you go in any BS commercial gym out here you'll see the same people year after year that haven't changed a bit.


chiropractors, naturopaths, and acupuncturists also piss me off. EVEN MORE than doctors


You just want the British to take over again so you can relax about using Imperial Measurements


I know what you mean. If I had a dollar every time I heard. 'I was as big as you once...before my shoulder injury'

Like I'm supposed to be impressed(past tense) waaaaaaa..I hurt my shoulder so I just gave up.


How about people who complain about other's kids at a fucking family restraunt. I had lunch with a freind and his kid at Gattitown and some asshole glared at us when the 14 month old got a little upset. Now I understand if you are at a nice quite place and a kid lets loose. But how is a little crying going to keep you from enjoying a freaking pizza buffet with kids screaming everywhere and giant big screens blasting cartoons. Lets see how you deal with your kids when all you want is one night where you don't have to cook at home.

Not many things piss me off these days but I do have a few contributions...

People who beat kids in public ( I can only imagine what happens in private).

Cheaters who try to pretend that it was their spouses fault.

People who think that the rules shouldn't apply to them (that red light doesn't mean anything to you, it is more important for you to get to the video store quickly than it is for all those people, who stopped when they should, to get home).




People only ever stand and faff in doorways, narrowpoints, front of queues, at junctions and other vital points of transit.

If you're gonna faff...wait and do it in the privacy of your own home!!!


The little mini slut squads who stand in the center of the enter, exit, aisles or middle of the parkling lots at the movie theatres. My girlfriend almost started up a fight with some 14 or 15 year old girl because she told her to fuck off when we said excuse us.

I work customer service at Publix (For those who do not have a Publix its a big grocery store). The customers are the whiniest fucktards alive. There is this one woman I saw 4 times over the Memorial weekend. She wants it in plastic then double paper and she wants it done on 3 different bills. 1 for meats, 1 for produce and 1 for anything not meat/produce. Lets not forget the best thing, she dosn't organize the food in her cart, she does it at the checkoutline so usually theres a backup.

Ex girlfriends who say its your fault they ran back to an abusive exboyfriend and then use the excuse that he loves her more. The blackeye tells me a different story.

People who expect you to be bilingual and get upset at you for not knowing spanish, creole or any other language.

Stones. Are pounds or kilograms too hard?

Northern England's accents. Sounds like they have a mouthful of marbels when they are talking to you.

Wait staff that are slow. If my entree comes out before my breadsticks or appetizer there is a problem here.


HE'S BACK HE'S BACK (doing the happy dance) HEY PROFESSOR X WELCOME BACK!!!!


Your attitude pisses me off. You obviously know nothing about those fields so just STFU.