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Things That REALLY Piss You Off...


Me too: I also hate breaking a nail the day after your manicure.

Hey ... who else hates breaking a nail the day after Chinadoll's manicure?


I hate nine-irons for the same reasons.


Why is they wrong?


First and foremost -- people who block my way or delay me.

There are too many categories to enumerate, but here is a partial list:

  • Those who walk slowly in front of me in a narrow path or corridor when there is clearly ample space ahead of them.

  • Those who, after completing their transaction at the bank, supermarket checkout, ticket office, etc, remaining standing in the same place while they slowly organise their belongings, bags, etc - while needlessly preventing the next person in line from being served.

  • Shop assistants who waste my time by responding to my question as to where I can find a particular item by saying "what's it for?" instead of "it's on that shelf over there."

  • Shop assistants who give unsolicited advice.

Other things that piss me off:

  • Running out of protein powder, dextrose, chicken, etc, especially when the situation is made worse because a mail delivery the said item has been delayed or the shops are suddenly out of stock.

  • Delivery companies who LIE by saying they "tried to deliver" my parcel while I was "out", when if fact I was IN all day and accompanied by six other people, and all of us could see that no delivery man came within a hundred metres of my building. (This piss-off sometimes also results in the piss-off listed above.)

  • ParcelForce (see above 2 piss-offs).

  • Failing to reach my intended target with a particular exercise.

  • Any kind of injury.

  • Being tired, late, underfed, or all three.

People who sneer at the genuine efforts of those who are less advanced, successful or accomplished as they are. For example - people who whinge about those who are only able to manage fairly light weights. For all you know, they might be working extremely hard and with great dedication to overcome some disadvantage. Those attributes - along with doggedly ignoring the boorish arrogance of some who think they are superior - makes such people true heroes.


The woodpecker that is trying to build his nest in the eaves gutter of my apartment house - the little douchebag hammers away at the sheet metal nearly every single day and I'm starting to hear the sound even when its not actually there, e.g. at work, etc.


I remember this woman did that to me while I was holding a whole bunch of bottles, and when the cashier kindly started to take them out of my cramping arms(this woman was taking her sweet time all the way around), she had the nerve to say, "WELL, I was almost done!" Really? Next time get the fuck out of the way. I could have kicked her in her ass. I can't stand people who are inconsiderate.


lol Damn, man. Time to invest in a slingshot...


Man we have a collection of people with too much built up, misdirected aggression. I used to say "what pisses me off most is...." now I just say that what I find odd is or what I find funny or curious is..

After using the rest room, we all know to wash our hands, but the rinse with water only people,...I find that curious. No pizza from that Poppy


Countries that are too stoopid to abandon outdated measurements and get with the times instead of being hundreds of years behind. And then get the two confused in their space program and crash probes into planets.




I agree it is terrible, and I don't know what has caused that situation in your country, and it is a shame that you cannot look up a doctor on the web and read 100 reviews from patients, like you can read book reviews on amazon etc... but in the meantime it is every patient for themselves.


Neither of your statements make much sense at all. If you walk in with a certain condition or list of symptoms, whatever doc you are seeing has to then narrow down the possibilities of your disorder from up to several hundred to just a few possibilities and from that determine exactly what is wrong with you through tests. That is simply how it works. That isn't "hit or miss".

No patient walks in with a sign on them telling the doc exactly what the disorder is. Being in the medical profession is like being a detective in that aspect. To expect much more simply means you don't understand any other point of view than your own.


Saw a great bumper sticker yesterday....

"Got Turn Signals?"


I second that!!


I disagree strongly with Chinadoll. Yes many patients have unreasonable expectations, but that doesn't excuse the utter incompetance that so many physicians demonstrate. They
rarely help anyone and in many cases make people worse. The kind of shit that goes on in medicine would not be tolerated in any other field. FUCK DOCTORS.


Doctors rarely help anyone? My guess is we won't be getting any examples that you personally experienced of this massive incompetence conspiracy. With rising lawsuits for ridiculous reasons and some doctors even leaving the profession, I would love to see how fast the world would decay if there were none.


I'm 15 and workout smart and hard. Some of my friends tell me it's because I started puberty sooner than them. The most annoying this is when he says 'you know you really won't get that much bigger, your almost done growing'.

Not surprisingly my friends that say this are skinny, one is 5'8 112 lbs, and workout more overall time than me and use machine circuits with pitiful weights (70 lb machine bench level) and partial-ROM pull-ups as there main exercise. His diet can best be summarized in this: after not even finishing a plain old six-inch sub from Subway, he said he felt like he ate too much and was 'bloated'.

Gee, it is a big surprise why he is not big or strong despite 'working out' so much. Yeah, he is probably right, since he doesn't get huge doing what he does, it must be beyond someone's control how big or strong they get. It is not because they work hard, smart, or have a good diet. His traning regimen is also purely intuitive and changes on a daily basis and he has tried taking creatine before.


I agree. People expect doctors to guarantee perfect health, which obviously is not possible, and get pissed off and sue them if they don't. The sad thing is that they often times win in court. I feel like shooting those lawyers who run advertisements along the lines of 'Does someone in your family have Down Syndrome?

You could be entitled to a serious settlement'?. Some people truly take things for granted, the next time they need a surgery they should think about how they treat doctors as a whole. Going to school for ten years is also no joke and a big sacrifice.


You go to a GP and tell him you've had a cough for four weeks. They run blood tests, look at your throat, find nothing particularly wrong, and tell you to come back in two weeks if it doesn't go away.

You go to a GP and tell him you've had a cough for six weeks. The same exact thing happens. Since the extra two weeks are up, shouldn't we just start at step two here?

I have had these exact two things happen. That's why now, I just go straight to a specialist (ENT in the case of a persistent cough) and usually get results. Luckily my insurance allows this (no need for a referral).


What kind of results? If someone is coughing and there are no other signs of a deeper disease process, you watch and see if it will resolve. That is not "incompetent" and if this is an example of massive incompetence among doctors, I am wondering exactly what you expected to happen.