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Things That REALLY Piss You Off...


I think it is a generational thing. My mother thinks her Doctor is God. And when I met her Doctor I think he thought he was God also. Most of the young doctors I have met are aware that most people today are usually informed to a degree. And act as they are just practicing medicine


Lazy F--KING people


I don't rerack all the plates...Really I should. I know it's not nice. But it is tedious to take every plate off. Usually, I leave a plate or two on the bar, especially squats. I guess my thought is that everyone should be squatting 135. But it's probably not right to do...[/quote]

I start my bench and squat workouts with an empty bar.


Skinny personal trainers who look like little girls and have not one pound on muscle of them(such as my gym).

Fat people and ugly people making fun of people for going to the gym(like sexually abusing junk food isn't worse).


Dumb blondes

Drug commercials for pharmasutical companies-they seem so stupid( I get liver cancer just by watching them).

Hilary duff,lindsay lohan,and all chuck flicks.

Pop music,and the music my gym plays.

When I'm working out and my gym plays backstreet boys or nelly.

When I have to buy new bass guitar strings.

When girls P.M.S.

The drivers where I live.

When I run out of protein.

Anything with the word catabolic in it;
Losing muscle


FAT guys that wear muscle shirts.


30 lbs solid gain in 9 months is impressive, good job...

now keep going!


Ooooo, I can't wait for that!


What the hell's wrong with swole? Why can you only use it once? Is there like a "swole" card that gets punched when you say it so that you can't say it again without getting arrested? If so I'm in trouble...


i hate that song by gnarls barkley, but the part i really hate is that i used to like it.


Hey that's so true! I hate it when doctors I've known over years to be brilliant and very dedicated to their patients get verbally abused and sometimes even physically abused by people who expect instant gratification, even though they've been eating twinkies and McDonald's, drinking beer and not exercising all their lives, and the doctor just met them one hour ago.

I think that uh-oh, we're going to lose another great doc to another field again. Sucks.


I hate when dirty dishes get placed on the left side of a two sided sink!

The garbage disposal's on the left side so, therefore, that is the cleaning and disposing side of the sink! The right side is for storage of dirty dishes!

I mean, if you're already there setting the damn thing down, simply set it down on the right side so that I don't have to fucking move it when I actually do my dishes!

Thank you.


Who cares? What in the world is that avatar all about?


Yes, that was brilliant.


seriously pisses me off when people inch closer to me while waiting in the check out line...makes my skin crawl


I hate drivers. Here is why:

people leave 3 car spaces between themselves and the car in front of them at a stop sign/light. When the fucker turns green and everyone starts moving, I get stuck at the red light. And people are blocking the intersection because of the excess space taken up.

People who haven't learned to turn left without cutting into the left turn lane of cross-traffic. I've been hit because of these brain-donors.

People who walk really slow down the middle of an aisle or a hallway. WTF is this? Are you special? Stay against a wall, or I'll run your asses over. Again!

Ditto on the supermarket holdup shit. I'm going to start ramming fuckers with my cart. Thanks for the reminder. It's on!

People who talk to you for no apparent reason. Not only are you sucking me into the middle of a conversation I'm lost on, I don't even care. I could hurt people for this one, if only I could live out my psychotic fantasies.

WHiners, complainers, quitters, excuse makers, weak-willed, impotent, inept, sensitive.... These are character flaws that make me murderous.

Goddam, I think I need to be placed on several types of psychiatric drugs guys. I may be too "non-PC" for this flaccid society we live in.


Agree 100% on the skinny trainer part, but I do have to admit, I love dumb blondes. The only thing hotter to me than a dumb blonde, is a smart one. =D


Ohh, checkout lines...I hate when some jackass is mad because there was a nickel difference in the price of a certain item. On and on they go. What else is marked wrong? "Look bitch, here's the damn nickel; in fact, take three. Now will you get the Hell out of line so we can get on with our lives?"


Far be it from me to try and defend the way people drive but some people leave space in case they need to move up or take off quickly while the light is still red. Learned this playing bumper taxi in NYC when I was much younger and very stupid.


Really? Because I have this weird phobia where whenever I hear a dumb blonde talk my hand slaps their face.
Kinda like a fly or a dead horse.


Ignorance. Cowardice. Laziness.