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Things That REALLY Piss You Off...


Rotator Cuff Syndrome.

Fat people.

Fat people who think they're swole.

Frat boys.

Frat boys who think they're swole.



Today was supposed to be a leg day until I saw something that REALLY pissed me off. Not only did someone do curls in the squat rack, but they put the preacher curl station INSIDE the squat rack.


I would have taken resistance bands and strangled him until his eyes bugged out of his skull. Then I'd use the knurling on the squat bar to saw his head off, and then I would load it up on the squat bar and curl it..STANDING IN THE SQUAT RACK. Then I would have to kill myself.


people who say thermodynamics is wrong.


This isn't directed to Belligerent, and I agree with you Magarhe.

But this brings up to me a pet peeve. Doctors being expected to be superhuman gods.

All I can say is that medicine isn't an exact science. It's some of the best and the brightest people in our society, whom are human beings, as fallible as human beings are, making educated decisions about many different individual, ever changing, complex, imperfect human beings, who are all uniquely different in all aspects or their own lives, utilizing a science that is not exact, and utilizing the latest available technologies that are not yet advanced enough for a society who expects perfection (expects perfection of others but not themselves) and instant gratification, in a non-perfect world.

This is why I don't expect my doctor to be a mindreader, God, to live my life for me, or to cure my thyroid problems RIGHT NOW when I ingested a diet primarily of soy products most of the years of my life, having caused long-term damage. (That is until I started reading T-Nation and realized that Soy is a big culprit--THANK YOU T-NATION!!). I do realize my doctor doesn't have a magic wand, crystal ball or miracle potion at his disposal.

Unfortunately, I do realize that there are people in this world who expect these things of him, which is the cause of many excellent doctors becoming burned out and leaving the field, and many of the best and brightest potential doctors chosing other fields, when society needs them to chose medicine.

And this obvious fact is too bad for society, who has a shortage of many kinds of much-needed specialty doctors, while some of the best and brightest have left or have chosen some other field where their skills would be less optimally used.

Luckily, my doc's a very good doctor who makes good decisions based upon the current technologies and information that are here, and this makes me happy he's my doc.


Oh and I hate breaking a nail the day after my manicure. Tee hee hee!


People that drive on the shoulder during traffic jams.


He's a 6'7 180 pound stick. It would be a complete non contest. He has a lot of balls to degrade a daughter of a 260 pound cop (my dad) with a temper and me with my crazy temper.

I like getting him to workout with me, I get him to do ATG squats and he can barely do 200 for 5.

And she's not even fat. She does carry waterweight from her birth control. The sad thing is she has a great bone structure for lifting.


People that use the word "swole" more than once.


LMFAO. Just sprayed water through my nose. Hope I don't get electrocuted typing this.


Wow. You're missing out!! My doctor has all of those in his office! I think you should find a new doc, Girl. It's all about the wands, balls, and potions!

(Whoa - that came out w/ way more innuendo than I thought...)


When people don't clear the leftover time on the microwave. Seriously, it pisses me off and I don't know why. Or when someone doesn't have the time on the microwave set. If i'm in someone's house and I see either of these things, I will fix the problem. Either clear the time or set the time. I know, i'm dumb.


pussies who put 3 plates a side on the smith machine - use the tampon - wrap their knees - and then squat all of 2 inches.

I was in the power rack right next to it and had to do my best to keep from laughing at that retard.

but here's my biggest peeve: (please forgive the all caps)


They are usually the skinny runt punks - they should be beaten for disrespecting the gym and their staff - they are not our butlers. I for one, do my best to call them out. They'll usually rerack out of embarassment.

I also hate the skinny punks who are trying to lift more than they can handle and then drop the heavy dumbbells - fucking them up for the rest of us who can actually use the weight.


This pisses me off.


I don't rerack all the plates...Really I should. I know it's not nice. But it is tedious to take every plate off. Usually, I leave a plate or two on the bar, especially squats. I guess my thought is that everyone should be squatting 135. But it's probably not right to do...


The thing that pisses me off the most from a training perspective is when doctors, personal trainers, or any type of health expert makes huge contradicting claims or makes black and white of a situation with a lot of gray. Makes it hard to weed out exaggerations and lies from useful information.

The thing that pisses me off the most from a general perspective would be obvious...

Cell phones & driving


9 or so months ago I was 180 lbs, 28 inch waist, and about the same bf%. I started lifting at 19 about 140 lbs. My last MMA match I was 6'1 under 140. I started working twice as hard when one of my friends joined the club I work for. Made all the difference in the world.


To take it one step further, cell phones and walking. What is it with the fat asses in a supermarket who can't walk and talk at the same time? They then stop in the middle of the aisle and blab, blab, blab. I have taken to ramming them with my cart. Feels good but I get a bad feeling when I am in my car and I see them walking in the parking lot.

Aside from that, there is a ton of shit that aggravates the hell out of me. People who slurp when they drink, chew loud with their mouths open, close talkers, know it alls...I can go on for pages. Grrrr, humans piss me off.


People who paint over light switch and electrical outlet covers. You can't take ten seconds to unscrew a cover plate?


Lately I've seen a lot of people using cell phones while riding bicycles. Pretty soon we'll start hearing the statistics on how many of those get killed.