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Things That REALLY Piss You Off...


siGNing. As in speaking to the passenger while using sign language and swerving all over the road...

While doing 10 under the speed limit.

And I know I'm not alone on this one.


Oh fuck, sorry I can't read tonight. Ok then, how the hell do you sign and drive at the same time. Is that like women putting on makeup and driving??


And now that you mention it, they sing a lot of moaning. I go to a college with an institute for deaf and I've got one next to me in the dorms. She was up till like 2am making he most rediculous noises. I guess she's in some deaf rendition of some play or something, but its horrible.

I'm probably going to hell for this, but deaf people need to learn to shut the hell up.


True, deaf people can make some weird noises, but it's not their fault they can't hear what comes out their mouth. I'm still laughing at someone holding a signing converstaion behind the wheel.


Dude, it's true. Tim and I have seen it! It's also a bti alarming.

I have a deaf cousin. She squeaks.


people who bash other sports/countries/people to make themselves feel superior/better.


Doctors who try to run you in and out of the office as quick as possible. It took someone who dosn't work with medicine to tell me it might be Lyme Disease when all the doctors are saying arhtritis, ear infections, tendonitis, gout etc. So back for blood work 6 weeks after initial symptoms.


Re-made songs and movies. I get it, you want to be rich and famous. If you can’t come up with your own ideas take your ball and go home, you suck.

I was trying to find this song on YouTube and all that showed up was some Bruno Mars remake. I don’t even know who Bruno Mars is but I can tell him all he did was take a good song and make it worse.


How did he “take” a good song and make it worse?
The only lines that match up is the title of the song

Literally no part of bruno’s same titled song is a cover of it, it’s not even in the same chord chart


@jellodirt Coming back for kicks after a 13-year hiatus. I like your style.


People who don’t know how to drive in the snow and come to my town.

We’ve gotten hammered by 3 feet of snow. In the mountains. Idiots largely from Lubbock and El Paso have swarmed us. They have summer tires. They end up in the ditch or worse.

I’m cranking along at 20 mph with my chains, which I know is annoying but that’s the speed to go in ice.

Anyway some asshole couldn’t stop at a light and rear ended my truck. Minimal damage but the hassle!


When people walk right in front of you during a heavy farmer’s walk/overhead press/deadlift. I have had to stop myself from simply dropping the barbell on people’s feet on multiple occasions.


You’d love some of the black ice conditions we get. We’re having a nice mild winter but some years we’ll get a nice stretch of freezing temps, then a wet rainy day that turns the whole region into a slick wet ice sheet, and the major highways into a giant game of bumper cars.

Because Inertia!


But I have four wheel drive!!


I’m up a winding road probably a solid three miles long with an easy 1200 foot elevation change. Driveway is then probably a 40 degree angle. I snow-blowed the driveway with diffficulty and then salted. A fair amount melted and then refroze into black ice on the road.

I was tempted to leave it just to cause Texans to drive off the cliff but my wife bit it going to the dumpster. Of course, she’s a Texan.

Also waiting for Texans and rich Mexicans to leave 1/1 so I can get some skiiing in. Too crowded.


Haha when we were in Greece the GPS took me off road around on a dirt track, one lane, “road” around the edge of a mountain.

A local came the other way and from what I could gather, he wanted me to back up fron where I came because there was an overtaking section closer from my direction.

I had never been so terrified in my life going forward there was no way in hell I was reversing.

Anyway, he was not pleased lol


I’m from NY and once a year Virginia gets 1-2 feet of snow. All the businesses shut down. Milk and bread are gone from the supermarkets. Roads are left unplowed. Despite all this madness and chaos, people drive at what seems like the same fucking speed they would drive if it hadn’t snowed. The highways, when they do get plowed, have so many cars slammed into the banks it looks like a zombie apocalypse. People in my complex just try to roll out over the snow and get their cars stuck. I’ll be out there for hours shoveling, salting, and putting cat litter behind people’s tires until all the dumbasses are out, and get in my car only to get a call that work is closed.