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Things That REALLY Piss You Off...


Also, I thought your first paragraph was the funniest. You don't want us to do what you are doing?


I'm annoyed by inane conspiracy theorists who never took basic logic.


I hate it when they throw that crap in the bed of my truck - usually when parked in a public parking lot or on the street...


Just how am I doing that?


Damn Professor, do you read or just scan?

I said I went to a PT for hamstring tendonitis. The PT did his own evaluation of my knee and one of his manipulations was to wrap his hands around my quad, just above the knee-cap, so as to pinch off the quad from the cap. He asked me to flex my quad hard. When I did so there was a painfull pop and my cap hasn't been the same since.

I don't know if there was a preexisting condition, as the PT insists, but I know I had no pain in the area before. A later MRI showed no damage, Doctor diagnosed Patellar Femoral Syndrome. My theory is the front edge of my cap was forced into the knee causing, not a tear that would show in an MRI, but an abrasion on one or both pads of cartilage where they were forced together.


Kratos, if you live in a neighborhood where that happens you gotta move.


That is complete bullshit.


Like I said, maybe not with you, but in general.

Think of it like this. A guy can think a girl is hot and want to bone her on sight. If he gets that chance, afterward he has no attachment so he moves on. But, if he genuinely starts to like the girl after spending time her, when he finally gets the goodies he will stick around because they now have a relationship.

I'm sure sometimes a guy will continue to hang out with a chick he doesn't like just because she's got an ass he's just gotta have. That's a different story.


Cortisone Shots


Wow you're one of them? I can't believe it. Well at least you admitted it. That's the first step...


I'm with the PT because if all he did he was have you flex while he held the area and put pressure on it, I find it hard to believe that he somehow injured your knee permanently.


Which is about as common as as moles on butt cheeks.


Seriously. How bout drivers on a two-lane road that use both lanes on curves? That drives me insane. It happens to me almost daily. Someone starts out on the inside lane and just completely drifts into the outside lane (usually right at me) in the middle of the curve! It's like they're driving with blinders on - if they can't see you out their windshield, you're not there.


It hasn't improved much in over a year and not at all in the last 6 months.

If there was a preexisting condition, it didn't cause pain in the cap until after the pt insident.

Do you think I had a preexisting condition in my throat the time I went to have a broken nose fixed and they scraped my throat with the intibation tube? Was it unreasonable for me to assume I wouldn't come out of that surgery with a new injury that was to last over 9 months?

Did I do a poor job explaining my symptoms to the Doctor when I explained that when I breath I cough? By the way, this doctor was so dumb he couldn't understand that by not being able to exercise, my weight went from 190 to 160 instead of going up.


Do you know what an intubation tube is? Have you seen one placed before? Scraping the throat is a given. How the hell would you place one without doing that?


I actually know a guy who almost required that to be taken down, it was 5 cops and 6.5 cans of pepper spray,

they made him pay for the pepper spray

and it had more to do with being drunk than hating puppys and ice cream



noserings- Why do so many girls have them? They look like zits.


you got the story wrong. it is not worth going on about any furthe but I did not contradict myself. you got the wrong idea


When your girlfriend insists on telling you asinine story about her and her friends "girls night" .. yada yada yada .. and then when you trail off and obviously seem uninterested she gets mad .. it's really annoying ..

On another note .. this is a good thread to vent out some frustrations .. I love it


Found a new one today...

Deaf drivers signing.

Way worse than cell phone driving.


What do deaf people sing? Silence?????