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Things That REALLY Piss You Off...


What annoys me? People who bust on doctors and talk like we are a bunch of idiots. Most people have no clue how difficult the practice of general medicine can be.

The people that bitch about it are the people who don't take their medication, don't get their tests done, don't follow up regularly, lie to you about the symptoms they are having and wonder why you can't figure out what the heck is wrong with them. The tricorder was on Star Trek.

Medicine is not an exact science, in fact, it is still relatively young. We do our best, and for the most part, everyone has the patients best interest at heart. There are bad outcomes, yes, but there is a lot of good that we do.


Well, gee, that sure is a different story than the one you dropped in this thread initially.


"Ounce" has different meanings -- volume as noted above; but also weight.

"Ounce" as a weight in the standard English system means one 1/16 of a pound: 1 pound = 16 ounces; 1 kilogram = approx. 35 ounces.

A ton is 2000 pounds.


I totally agree, and can attest to this firsthand, day in day out, that is the mentality. When discussing this with many people they will admit to their poor lifestyle choices and say things like, "can't you just roto-rooter my arteries?" And people who are overweight who will say it's ok for them to eat that way and be sedentary, "I'll just get it all liposucked out." It's the McDonald's drive-through mentality.

But the human body doesn't work that way, and there is no Star Treck technology...at least not yet (I'm still working on it, but I'll let everyone know when I finally finish my insta-cure machine/invention.)

And because the human body isn't such that you can fix decades of damage in one two hour visit, this is the reason Docs promote PREVENTION. Prevention, Prevention, Prevention...


But...? Whats the problem?


Maybe not in the United States, but I'm pretty sure a bunch of nations use it in America. Mine uses it.


Where exactly is the contradiction? The fact that I said doctor isntead of podiatrist? There were


The contradiction is in how you presented it originally...as if you went from "100% pain free" to being in a cast as if things were done to you for no reason or as if there was some alternative that was overlooked. You just stated that you are the one who pushed for surgery. Why would someone who was "100% pain free" do something like that and then complain when a specialist recommends orthotics to aid in treatment?


If people want the best chance of getting help, they might be wise to provide data in both pounds and kilograms if they can: some people who might be able to help are comfortable with pounds; some are comfortable with kilograms. Anyone asking for help on the internet who provides data using either unit without converting to the other might be reducing his chances or options for getting help. I will have to try to remember that myself.


Another thing that pisses me off...

Morbidly obese people who say they only eat 800 calories per day, and never cheat. They exercise every day. They blame "hormones", even though all of their hormone levels are well within the normal range. I guess they are just different than the rest of us. I guess they only burn 600 calories a day, and it only takes 500 extra calories for them to put on a pound of fat, since they are gaining 10 pounds a month. God, I hate that.


I don't even hate this, I think it's fantastically amusing, however, I know some people are bothered by this....

When you're at a bar that is typically frequented by college students or just generally a younger crowd, and then you see a couple of guys who are clearly in their late 30's maybe early 40's, and these guys generally just look out of place to begin with, but then they typically stand around with each other, backs against the wall and beers in hand, always sliding their heads back and forth watching all the young ass they never got when they were young and still never get now.

But what comes next is what really makes me wet myself, it is when I hear one of them say something like "Man, there's a lot of talent here tonight." Nothing gives me an erection more than when I heard a couple of losers throw this phrase around. Just hearing a guy use the word "talent" in reference to the quality of women in a bar/club/etc. is a dead give away that he's a total fucking looser.



Your dad rocks!


I hate when people call other people losers while overlooking their own pathetic behaviors.

"Even at home, on the internet and sites like T-Nation, whenever I see a picture of an attractive woman in lingerie I immediately drop my pants and begin playing with myself; I mean there is no hesitation. Sometimes I will do this 5 or 6 times in one night. I rarely go out anymore as the internet, dirty pictures, and masturbation has become the cornerstone of my existence. "


Right, and then you feel like you'e being rude for not welcoming the conversation.


That may be the coolest thing ever. Your father found a way to become three over the coolest things out there, loading on Spike, organized crime busts, and being huge.

I wish I had parents...


So how exactly was this behavior overlooked?


It pisses me off when girls want to make you work for their pussy. Like somehow if it takes me 3 weeks to bone her opposed to 1 night, that somehow I'm going to want to stay with her. Either way, as soon as the pussy has been had she's not going to be spending much time with me anymore so what's the point of wasteing 3 weeks? Shit pisses me off.


I don't think those of us who are bashing the medical community are cheeseburger and fry type guys. So, those of you bashing us, stop lumping us with those type of individuals. It's poor form in a debate to ascribe characteristics or sittuations that don't exist to those you are arguing with.

I went to a PT with a diagnosis from a doctor of hamstring tendonitis. The PT did a series of manipulations on my knee on the first vist to evaluate it. One of the manuvers fucked up my kneecap. It's been about a year and a half now so I have to assume it's fucked up for good. What does my result have to do with a life time of bad diet or failing to take my medication or follow directions? Or, how the hell was my expectation too high?


Maybe not with you, but in generall, if a girl makes us wait a while, we are much more likely to stick around after we get the tang.


What is wrong with your kneecap (fucked up isn't a diagnosis) and are you saying your doctor caused the injury and there was no pre-existing condition at all?