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Things That REALLY Piss You Off...


Ya gotta love it when you nail something so accurately. Not to toot my own horn, but That response is Exactly what I was talking about.


There is no cure for cancer, despite what your "many examples" may be. I see you have a subscription to the Journal of Irreproducible Results. One of the many hallmarks of cancer cells is drug resistance, this disease is as individual in response as there are human beings.

The best we can presently hope for in terms of drug therapy is the ability to live with your cancer, much like a diabetic lives with his disease. Many things hold promise, but there may never be a true "cure".


"When's the last time a doctor actually cured some shit? Polio. Anybody out here feeling a little poley around you?"

Bonus points for the reference.

For the record I have nothing against doctors. I can't say I really go all that often, but the last time I went I had a wound just above the knee deep enough to see the bone. The ER doc stitched it up pretty well, told me what I needed to do to loosen up the inevitable mass of scar tissue that formed. 3 weeks later I was squatting heavy again.

I'm sure there are incompetent doctors, but seriously, think of everything that you have to know. You're telling me that you have like 8 years to learn every single scenario as to what could be wrong with a person and exactly the right ways to heal them overnight?


Hey PROF X my current problems were not caused by a surgery- I did actually have a knee surgery in early 2005 that produced a bad outcome (which Kelly is referring to), but I'm not complaining about that because it was my fault for being too eager to get cut. My current problems (feet and lower legs) were caused by the use of casts and orthotics prescribed by a podiatrist.


I see what your saying, what I was trying to get at is that the next unit is a thousand times greater than the previous one, bad wording I guess...


You said it!!! Very very very very true. There's a delicate balance of using drugs to stop the cancerous cells with as little harm as possible to the human being. And one of the bigger problems with pharmaceuticals? Receptor specificity. Good example-- albuterol for asthma agonizing the beta receptors of the heart, thereby causing tachycardia as a side effect. Also, most drugs that human beings produce tend to also agonize receptors they were not intended to agonize, hence side effects and adverse effects.

Another good example is chemotheraputic agents meant to stop the life cycle of rapidly dividing cells (cancer cells), but at the same time halt other rapidly dividing cells of the body, such as the GI Tract (gi ulcerations, stomatitis, etc.), Hair Cells (hair loss) and blood cells (rbc's-- anemia, wbc's-- succeptablity to infection, platelets-- thrombocytopenia).

And immunosuppresants used in cancer therapy to adjuvate other medication therapies....they leave the person more resistant to infection and have a plethora of other undesireable side effects.

Not a perfect science by any means, and it's not anyone's fault, it's that we as the human race are not there yet, we haven't figured out better, more specific drugs or other mechanisms to diseases that have yet remained elusive to us.

And the problem with organ and bone marrow transplants? Histocompatability. The problem with surgery? Too many to name. Such is the inexact science of medicine...the human being is an extremely complex organism made up of extremely complex tisses, cells, chemical systems, enzyme systems, metabolic pathways, etc...etc...etc....

Who knows, the mechanism for a cure may be just under our noses? And what a great feat for science and the human race if we did find this in our lifetime!


The other way around ... a kilogram is approximately 2.2 pounds. A pound is approximately 0.45 kilograms.

An ounce is exactly one sixteenth of a pound, or approximately 0.028 kilograms. A kilogram is approximately 35 ounces.


hmm, lets see, who runs everything the government. and what are they run by greed and money. pharmeceutical companies are the largest donors to campains, so technically they runt things. secondly just look at oil. with zarqawi dead oil prices dropped! that means terrorism is good for business. when you ahve terrorists running around threatening to shut of oil prduction you ahve a price increas. and who i wounders family is in oil, hmm president bush perhaps.

i wouldnt put it past pharmaceutical companies to hide cures for things. if you have no diseases, they cant sell medicines and then they have no business. in life profits come about by not giving the best service because thats to costly, they give the best service that is only the most profitable


An ex-girlfriend that is treating me like crap after the relationship ended but thinks that I still want her.


Not a big fan of guys starting conversations with me when we are both standing in front of the urinals in a restroom.


I forgot to include this one on my list before:

THE STUPID BMI SCALE, and organisations that rely on it to judge my health.

After turning my health around, eliminating all measurable indications of diabetes, reducing my RHR from >80 to <48, reducing my bf% from >35% to <12%, reducing my blood pressure and LDL to better than average, and my pants size from 42" to 30", I am now starting to be denied insurance coverages because my BMI makes me seem overweight.


People who think they are tough shit and superior to you in the weight room because they are chubby and weight more then you. Especially when they think this even though they outweight you by 20 pounds but you still can lift more weight then them for every single excercise ever invented.


Wrong way round. 1kg = 2.2 pounds. 1 pound = 450 grams. Ounces is 25 ml (fluid oz at least).

One question is a ton 1000 or 2000 pounds?


Chris Rock?


You still haven't called me.


How about assholes that throw their empty beer and liquor bottles into your yard while driving by? I'd like to catch some bastard doing that, lemme tell you. The random trash isn't cool, either.


I have one that beats that.

I once saw someone get out of their car at a red light, set the bottle down on the side walk, get back into their car and drive off once the light turned green.


Good job. I'll send you your prize in the mail.


Yes, the litterers suck. I hate driving down the freeway at 55mph and a car in front throws out all their McDonald's/Jack in the Box rubbish. Not only are they fatties for eating at McDonald's/Jack in the Box, but they're also irresponsible lazy slobs for not at least using a trash can-- maybe the 3 foot walk from the car to the trash receptacle is too much exercise/exertion?

Also once this obese-apprearing person appeared to be eating fast food and driving down a 55 mph zone, of course people will drive at 65. Then, she started swerving between lanes, it appeared to myself who was driving directly behind her that she was having problems with things dropping out of her burger. Then she looked like she was eating fries.

And right in the tunnel at 55 mph, she slams her breaks to a complete stop. The sudden stop almost caused a pileup, cars screeching everywhere. She appeared to be bending over-- all the way down, her head disappeared for a few seconds-- then sat up and put a french fry in her mouth and started eating again, then started driving again, oblivous to what was going on around her.

The outcome was probably ok because of her earlier swerving and the other drivers were already on their guard and aware. Luckily it wasn't a busier time, people would have been really hurt.

Goes to show that the Driver's License division should do a screening to weed out morons before handing out licenses.


Try riding a motorcycle as the guy in front tosses a beer can out of the window that slams into your helmet. Burning cigarettes are also really nice in these situations. I truly do think there needs to be a regular stupidity test at the DMV. But then I guess there would only be like 20 people on the road at any given time.