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Things That REALLY Piss You Off...


The fact that people can look at someone that is in shape and say "your getting too big and muscly" while your standing next to a fat person. Do they say anything to the fat guy about the tire rim around his waist? No, because its taboo.

Everytime I hear "well I would be in shape if I had time"
"I dont want to get muscle-bound/too-big/insert adjective here."

Why is it that when someone starts training, turns they're life around, and gets in shape, someone that hasn't yet is always there to point the steroid finger?

Have you seen "Supersize Me"? That entire movie pisses me off.

Who flips a collar in the gym? Honestly? I swear, I'm waiting for a chance to start a fight with this guy.

"I'd lift it myself, but I have a bad back..."

Genital warts.

Really little guys doing curls. I think that there should be a law that if your not over 175lbs, then you shouldn't be curling. I realize to most of you that this may seem low, but I think its an appropriate number to achieve before someone should start curling. Now I'm under 175, and probably will be for a while (I fight at lightweight), but I would also rather load up and do a weighted pull up than curl. If you weigh 105lbs soaking wet, I don't think you need to bring up your biceps by doing another set of curls. You need to eat.


In the last week, I have had people walk up to me and tell me that I need to stop using steroids, or asking me what steriods am I on so they can get some. This is really making me angry. I use creatine, protein, ZMA, fish oil, and a lot of food. I have never used a steroid in my life, but these people who dont have the drive and dedication to do what I have done, keep implying that I didnt do it on my own. There is my rant for the evening.


Nobody ever said that to me. Maybe I don't look big enough.


guys in girl pants.

The gudio club thing

People with big upper bodys and no lower body "beach muscles"



6'1" 210 lbs and people think you're on steroids? are these people meth addicts?


Getting asked what things REALLY piss me off.

Seriously though, I think a lot of things piss me off, I have bipolar.

Biggest is getting asked about doing steroids because I am getting "all bulky".

Geting told girls don't care about muscles, all they want is abs. Thank god those girls are hurtin.

Getting called a genetic freak. People dont think about the work you put in.

Having to buy lifting stuff from a bunch of metrosexuals that don't know a power clean from a reverse curl.

Trying to convince my sister she isn't fat. Her boyfriend keeps telling her to get hydroxycut and plants the seed of mass amounts of cardio and high reps to get cut in her . I think I'll bust his jaw.

Every week my mom asking me if TRIBEX is steroids.

My Dad stealing my Spike for energy during organized crime busts. Hes takes 3 at a time because of his size.

People bugging me while I lift.


I cant wait till someone asks if I am on steroids!

The thing that pisses me off the most is all the questioning about food and having to eat every 2-3 hours!


Not being able to lift because I landed on my ass while skating.


I don't even consider myself big. I am only 185 at 5'7. A lot of people that haven't seen me since I was 125 ask the steroid question. Even when people see me put up what I consider to be shit weight ask.


haha, you'd think him busting organized crime would bring him in enough dough to buy some Spike eh?


You should, or at least threaten to.

Hes a prick if he says his gf (your sister) needs to lose weight. Unless, shes unhealthy fat and really should lose weight.


Biotest should sponsor him - get him a big Spike logo on his jacket across his back when he's doing raids :smiley:



Fat personal trainers.

Slow drivers in the fast lane.


Not being able to do any kind of exercise for seventeen months due an injury that WON'T FUCKING HEAL NO MATTER WHAT even though it's a common problem that most people get over in 2-3 weeks, then going to an incompetant doctor who misdiagnoses you and makes everything worse, then going to about 10 other stupid worthless doctors who don't know an arm from a leg and are totally unhelpful but demand huge payments for their quote-unquote "CARE".


I hate Ice Cream and Puppies. I once saw a puppy eating ice cream and flipped out so bad that it took six cops with tazers and night sticks to bring me down.

Just typing this is sending me into a rage!


Red Lights


People who complain about doctors all the time. There are crappy ones out there but you gotta find the good ones. Also you might have something really weird wrong with you that nobody (or only a few) can do anything about.


Out of country people who ask for help on this site but are too lazy to convert kg to lb.


I realize that there are good and bad docs but I think it's deplorable and sickening that medical care is so "hit and miss" when it comes to providers. Medical schools aren't getting it done.