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Things That Piss You Off


You’ve got to get her out of that shithole bulldog man, its way too precarious for her safety


Yeah I agree … It is getting bad.unfortunately she not the type to cower away from anything . Problem is that they can’t find enough quality individuals to work there


Whoa, lets not be rational.


Drug tests don’t tell you whether or not someone regularly uses drugs…they just tell you if someone can pass a drug test, 2 different things.


Hair tests are tough to beat.


I had a couple of professors that came in and said “you, you, you, this row, and you. No need to show up anymore. Your performance is substandard and you have no chance of passing.” then went on with the lesson plan for the day.


You can use “drug” and “weld” in that sentence interchangeably.

Also, They’re inversely related. Most people can pass one but not the other.


That may be true in sports where the half life of these things is short, you have known test days and the risk of someone using drugs is purely reputational.

But when tests are frequent, random and targetted and there are lives or millions of dollars on the line, the equation changes.


Actually, drug tests - with the exception of hair tests, and VERY few companies do hair tests - only tell you if someone smokes weed or not. Coke, heroin, etc - out of your system in 48-72 hours. Weed - 2+ weeks. It’s crazy how much employers spend on finding out if people like to smoke pot or not. I’d much rather have a pothead than an alcoholic, or any other sort of drug abuser at my business.

  1. When you get a hot date round and your estrogen is in the shitter. Instead of macho man pounding the meat, it ends up a case of being tucked into bed and a bedtime story.

  2. People that wear golds gym vests when they are built like a 10 year old boy .

  3. Waiting on a bench at the gym when there’s some pansy sitting there on facebook for 10 mins between sets.

  4. Having headphones on as a means to avoid conversation and people still looking a tea and biscuit chat about there weekends.

  5. People who load up the leg press to the max and move it up and down one inch.

  6. juiced up to the limit guys telling you they don’t touch nothing and all natural


A personal trainer at the gym I go to absolutely pisses me off. He doesnt watch his clients as they do their lifts. He had a person today doing squats and the heel on their right foot kept popping up on every rep as he played on his phone. Last set the persons back started to round as he played on his phone and told them “3 more reps”


Fun fact - most piss tests look for the classic illegal drugs. If you are subject to tests such as these you can abuse tramadol. Doesn’t show up.

Just, y’know, FYI…


Had 9 tramadol during a 5 hour tattoo session

Swore I lost like 95% of my brain cells


My dog had tramadol prescribed when she injured her cruciate ligament. Apparently it’s one of the few drugs that can be prescribed to people and dogs. Despite my explanations that tons of people would love her pills, she was not having it and spit them out. We still have a large bottle of dog prescribed tramadol.


People that think they are of higher intelligence than others strictly because they have a higher level of education.


One thing that slightly pisses me off is this massive guy at my gym that I sometimes talk too. He is at least 250lbs. He loads up every machine to the max with plates and doesn’t quarter rep it/uses full range. Ive seen him rep 405+ for reps on bench.Hes not fat either, maybe 16 percent bf. He tells me hes never used PEDs. He looks like he could place in the Olympia. Its obvious hes used/using stuff. Im 16 so he probably doesn’t want to set a bad example. I wouldn’t care if he wouldnt say anything but he literally tells me “I dont use anything.”




image https://media.giphy.com/media/6Nwh5KwUYDxNm/giphy.gif


Have you ever been to an Olympia or the Arnold and seen those competitors up close? They are 280+ lbs in contest shape (roughly 5% bf).

When you see them in real life you’ll never again make the comment “he could be in the Olympia” about random large-ish guys at the local Y.

Repping 405 isn’t that big a deal among people who actually lift. Our running back in high school repped 315lbs the first time he touched a barbell at 14 years old. Some people just win the genetic lottery man. Not saying your friend isn’t using for certain, but repping 405 and weighing 250lbs doesnt mean he’s on.


I once saw this dude, 5’-9", 180lbs, barely looked like he lifted, do 405 reverse grip for a couple of reps (bar-on-chest to lockout), like 2-3. I was blown away. It’s hilarious the buildup in your mind, “there’s no way…what is this guy…oh my god, today I am learning” weird experience. Why can I only bench 325 for my all time max after so much work? Oh yea, that’s right, I’m the same guy who got pinned under 85lbs at 16yrs old after 8 reps. I (really) hate to admit it, but genetics man.