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Things That Piss You Off


Was probably done when you did the plugs at 234
You gotta remember how many times that engine has gone hot cold hot cold etc…
I generally replaced anything that has fuel going through it every 150kms, and when I was a mechanic, the fleet of taxis used to regularly do +1million kms. Can’t go wrong with those old V8’s though, they really built them to be indestrucable as long as you changed oil regularly. If you didn’t, then you soon learnt why people started calling the Ford explorers with the same engines “Ford exploders”


Yeah. My guess is the last guy changed an injector and knocked the o-ring into the spark plug bore. So when I changed plugs at 234k I didn’t see it and smushed it.

You change “everything with fuel running through it”? Is that pumps, filters, lines, fuel rails and injectors? Not a bad idea for million mile taxis.


What really sets me off is the level of white trash my wife deals with one a daily at her job. She had the police walk a guy out because she caught him on camera dealing on the production floor. Making matters so much better she got confirmation that he had a habit of shooting up on H in the bathroom there! WTF!


I was at a place for a while where a guy was so high he lit himself on fire carbon arc gouging and didn’t realize it. Another guy all highed up used the wrong chains (30 ton) to lift a 50 ton item. They worked until the piece rocked a little, then kaboom!

It’s always something with those jagoffs.


Teachers waiting to put in the grades at the end of the quarter. Your passing just fine and the BOOM YOU FAILED.


And they are the first ones whom will complain about being unfairly terminated from their jobs.


This is confusing to me, how can you not know you were doing badly on tests or assignments? You literally don’t get any grades or feedback at all the entire semester and just have to guess how you’re doing?


My exact thoughts. Even if you receive no feedback, did you take wild ass guesses on tests? If so, you probably failed. Lol.


Wait till he hits the working world with performance reviews:

“What do you mean ‘below expectations’?!”

“I’ve been telling you your performance sucks every single day… so not sure what you’re missing here.”


With all of the drugs in the area (and Ohio a short drive away) you’d think employers would be more careful.

We had a plant manager who tried to save money on drug tests by looking people in the eye during the interview: “you do drugs?” “Uhhh… nope” “you’re hired”


Did you fail English?



If you work for a big organisation then it is far more painful to give a poor review than just accept shitty performance.

It usually involves crapload of meetings and paperwork with HR plus having the spectre of a bullying/harassment claim hanging over you.

Far easier to suck it up in the short term then hand the problem off to some other poor sucker.

Culture matters lol


Mind games, just tell me what you are thinking, I’m not a mind reader but I am understanding.


Had a friend fire an employee after 5 documented no-call-no-shows (even though the policy stated they will terminate after 3 unexcused absences). She sued claiming that “he didn’t like mothers”. The company settled and she got like $20k.

He was livid. “I sleep with the mother of my children all the time. It’s not mothers I dislike, it’s lazy people.”


Yep, these pricks know all the tricks.

I’ve had someone lie about having cancer, they had weeks off claiming they couldn’t come in because they were ill and lost all their hair. This made them feel too embarrassed to confront people.

One day they came in with a dye job claiming it was a wig. I asked many times for a medical certificate but it never came.

I caught her out after calling her home to remind her about the medical certificate. Her husband answered the phone. I asked when she would be back from her treatment, he was very confused.

At the minute, I am dealing with someone we sacked 2 years ago and through every appeal process you can imagine, has managed to stay on the payroll. Yep, he hasn’t turned up for 2 years but we continue to pay a full salary. Thanks HR :+1:




Most teachers put our grades in online, but there are some who dont and you have no idea what grade your actually getting, it says you have an A. If you miss some days or do bad on tests you might have a D or something at the end of the quarter and no way to get it back up.


Couldn’t you just ask the teacher how you’re doing?


Its an old annoying teacher, hard to ask him anything.


Bummer. Just realize this is a passing thing and life gets a lot harder…

Seriously, as much as it sucks, I think your best bet is to just suck it up and approach him until he gives you something. A letter grade, a score, something. I’m surprised your college doesn’t require faculty to inform students of their grades throughout the semester. I’m pretty sure mine did, but it’s been a while and, don’t take this the wrong way, but it was never really a concern for me.