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Things That Piss You Off


I had never heard of a rasPberry rhubarb either. That was part of the fun.

I’m totally that annoying childless uncle who says stupid shit to annoy people.


No worries … the only difference between you and me is I have a child … I still say shit to annoy people, it’s why Beelzebub invented ChristmaChanaKwanza


Quarter squat day at the gym pisses me off. There was even a guy doing box squats and went quarter of the way down and didn’t touch the box.


How do you know that she wouldn’t be over the moon to have someone slap* some of these people around?

*metaphorically, with words… not an actual slap


I’ve shared my opinion and been told not to say anything. My wife doesn’t play games so if she says it then she means it.


Hahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahaha :joy:


Yeah, me too. You know what’s fun? Insulting your siblings’ kids. “Hey shouldn’t they be better at reading at that age?”


Lovely stuff. I like to annoy my daughter by singing songs she likes in an Irish folk singing style. Its very effective.


That’s awesome. Are we talking in the style of the Dubliners version of Whiskey in the Jar? (really one of the few Irish folk songs I’m familiar with)


Oh much worse than that but along those lines. Give it a go, its easy and very annoying because its like an ear worm.


I’m known for butchering an Irish/Scotch accent. I can’t wait to apply off-key melodies to that schtick!


My siblings first kid will arrive next year. Can’t wait to start.

I’m much nicer and discreet with my sister in law’s kids. My 4 year old nephew has been asking his mom why ‘French babes don’t shave their pits’.


Boxed in by a drop box. What incompetent foreman told them to drop it there?


Cylinder 6 misfire P0306
Lean bank 2 code P0174

Dear cylinder 6, get your shit together.


The tune of Anthony Rowley will ruin any song.


Damn, cant even let its tyres down.


My NY resolution this year was to become more mechanically inclined. So far I’ve achieved that, but I didn’t intend for my truck to have so many issues in one year. Ha


Model and engine number?


2005 Ford F150 with the 4.6L V8 (289ci) 258k miles. At this point keeping her running is just a game. I love not having a car payment.

Engine light came on and I read the OBD2 codes. Go to investigate and the bottom rubber gasket for the injector on #6 was gone. Dunno how TF that happened (I’ve never had injectors off). Going to guess previous owner.

Pull the plug from #6 and what do I find in the threads but the remains of a rubber gasket around the shank of the plug. Plug was fouled all to hell from that cylinder missing. I changed plugs when I bought it with 234k on the truck.

So I changed the injector, coil and plug for that cylinder and voila, no miss. That means my truck payment for this month was $142.


Certification for work. Multiple choice, nothing too difficult except one question was worded as which of the following is not an example of X. Then the last option was e) none of the above.

Not not of the above? My brain almost exploded and I had trouble finishing the rest of the questions, I was so thrown off.

Does not none of the above mean all of the above? Does it mean none of the above are not examples of X? Ahhhhh!!!