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Things That Piss You Off


OMFG I’ve got a whistler in my office too!! Sucha grotesque display of a lack of awareness for others, goddammit.

Then i remind myself, the first place I wokred (out of college) at 6yrs ago, I sat 4 ft from this shitbag that would either be:
A. Chewing ice
B. Chewing gum
C. WHISTLING…but not a confident robust whistle, more like an old air vent that makes a whistling noise.

At that job i had to work the 8hrs, plus a forced hour lunch. And we couldn’t wear head phones.

Now I work maybe 8hrs a day total, make much more money, and I get to wear the big obnoxious looking noise canceling headphones.

Whenever I wear a whistler, it makes me want to start whisting (match their pitch lol) just to weez their gig. They do it like it’s their gift to anyone within 20ft of them, like they are some musical saint here to upgrade your day with a nice tune. All I can think of is CURB STOMPING their mouths in order to deform it so they can never whistle again.

I am smarter than I once was, and I’ve worked hard to make sure the guy in my office doesn’t know I don’t like it. I don’t want to give him a mechanism to piss me off, a button if you will…it’s worked out too, he gave me a sweet mesh hat that he got a as a promo from a vendor.


I’m getting a strong Weasel vibe from this - Pauly Shore is that you??



I whistle. I also tap, hum, sing. Sometimes I even fucking dance.

You can all such my fucking balls. Your anger fuels me.


You’re going to have to qualify this for me … do you want us/them/whoever to angrily suck your balls? i don’t think that’ll turn out the way you envision but then again some people are into some weird shit…


Come one, come all, to the grandest show on earth. Tickets just one Nickle each.


TIL that @carbiduis used to work with me.


So I need to vent.

I’ve noticed two things that p*** me off recently, both are particular adverts on spotify (yes im too cheap for premium)

One is the advert for deliveroo, basically a conversation between a guy and his girl about what they should eat tonight, after a list of foods she reccomends Pizza, he then respons with “WHAT, don’t tell me they are on deliveroo TOO!?!?!?”

What? as if Pizza is the fucking sterotypical, grandaddy originator of takeaway food? He might as well have said “as if there is such a thing as Chinese takeaway”.

The second is spotify’s own advert.

In this advert, two people, a guy and a girl (i think the same dumbfuck couple as above) are on a train that is suddenly stuck in a tunnel, with no signal. She offers to let him listen to her music with her.
He responds “but there is no signal down here”
She says “Thats ok, I have premium, I can listen offline”
To which dumbfuck responds “what’s that? some kind of black magic?”

Black magic? ARE. YOU. FUCKING. KIDDING. ME. No-one, between the age of 5 and 75, is unaware of what downloading is. Seriously. Offline music was available BEFORE online music.

Both of these adverts leave me fuming internally when I hear them. Just because they are so awful. I like both of these services, both spotify and deliveroo are very good products, so how can they make such poor adverts?


pay for the premium you miserable bastard


I just realised maybe the infuriating adverts are deliberate to make me want to pay. It’s almost working.


Yeah, man. Suck my balls angry! Feels way better.

@carbiduis that hamboning thing was actually super impressive…


Yeah they used to piss me off too. I think Spotify is an absolute bargain though. I listen to mine every minute of the day I’m not either asleep or at work.


I only listen on my 3-4 heavy days at the gym, which is why I haven’t quite convinced myself to upgrade,


Maybe the rage at the adverts is what’s fuelling your PRs?


Silent letters, I pronounce them out of spite.


That’s funny, I verbalize silent movies


Love it! I’ll go ahead and admit on this anonymous internet forum to playing around with a very, very, very bad attempt at this sometimes when COMPLETELY alone.


Amazon Prime.

We got it for the free shipping and I was happy it came with some TV service and music as well. It’s worth it for us. I canceled DirecTV and spending $112 for the YEAR is much better.


My in-laws adopted the condescending approach. They constantly talk down to my wife like she’s an idiot. Example: at a family function my sister-in-law makes it a point to tell my wife that she needs to cut up the hot dog before giving it to our toddler.

Really? Fucking really? I thought we’d just jam it down her throat whole. Thanks for the tip.

Of course, I’m not allowed to say anything and my wife just broods in silence. Her solution is to just stop talking (when on the phone) or just walk away. I’d really like her to put someone in their place just once.


At thanksgiving, I probably said ‘RasPberry RHubarb pie’ 50 times. As well as I bought xyz at ‘Home DepoT’ when asked about things at my house.


I call it Home Despot just for s&gs

Also I’ve never had raspberry rhubarb but strawberry rhubarb is 2nd favorite pie…