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Things That Piss You Off


I’m sorry to hear that. It’s definitely a serious issue.


Take care dude. Did you go to VA or avoid that crappy place and seek out real help? Sorry if I offended anyone with that, I have my issues…


Lol, nah local hospital.


Ok good, very good :hugs:


Chiropractors targeting infants and toddlers by using fear mongering in parents. It’s been pretty soundly debunked, but I see ads, and even news stories from credible outlets carrying these “Chiropractor saved my baby!” stories. Preying on adults, ok, I can deal with that, but…come on.


Technically they’re still preying on adults - ain’t no kid going to waltz into an chiropractor’s office without the consent of their witless parent(s)


I’m a walking disaster and I love that chiropractors have expanded their skill sets so I can get some massaging before my adjustment. I feel like my appointment is worth the money now unlike the old ways where the Doc saw you for three minutes.

I don’t really understand how kids can get out of alignment (barring a severe injury) since their bones are soft.


I have had an elderly lady tell me a couple times that my wife and I need to listen to music and take note of what music our unborn children respond to, I have entertained it with a smile, and told her we would, given the chance. Today she came in, asked how they were doing, and asked if we had, “…done what I told you yet?” I chuckled and told her that we are both extremely busy and that we see each other basically in passing, “Well it’ll make your life so much easier!” she says. “Maybe it would,” I respond, and as she’s walking away she throws one last little jab, “But not enough to do anything about it, hmm?”

Maybe it’s the lack of sleep, maybe not, but christ almighty that hit me wrong and pissed me right off.


That is a big red button with me.

Sometimes people feel just too comfortable crossing parental boundaries that are best left alone.

Also, the womb is actually very noisy.


Nothing gets my blood boiling faster than someone criticizing, unsolicited, my approach to parenting … I had my father in law say I should listen to my mother in law b/c “she has experience” - Cool story bro…I’ve heard the horror stories from my wife the type of “experience” her and her brother experienced growing up … not the mention the questionable methods employed during infancy straight from the horses mouth so…thanks but keep your unsolicited opinions to your fuckin’ self Cheech…


I have two children and it seems the only thing they care about hearing is their mother’s heart beat. It comforts them. I don’t think there’s a note in the world that’s going to tear them away from their mother when they’re infants.


I think you handled it as best you could, it takes a while to build up the callouses from “helpful” people.

In hope someone will benefit from my failures, here are two responses I know make the situation worse:

“Nah, I don’t think you have any credibility on this”. I intended this to be a light hearted way of saying go away but people see it entirely as a joke. The result is they laugh and repeat everything with more detail. You then have to jump in and tell them again, usually a few times. They invariably get offended.

Entertaining them with “I tried it and it didn’t work”, also a terrible move. They always go full troubleshooting mode or worse blame you for your incompetence. It’s like you’ve lost a weird power struggle and now they are trying to solidify control on you.


I’ve had a few people recently ask me when my wife is converting to Judaism. Not if, when. I find it to be an extremely ignorant and intrusive question. I also hate the term. Nobody converts from Catholicism to Judaism. When people tell me they converted, I correct them and tell them that they in fact reverted.

I also cannot stand when people ask me when my wife and I are going to have kids. I usually tell them that I don’t know but I’ve been practicing really hard. Very effective at creating an awkward transition to a new topic.


Get ready for the world of unsolicited parenting advice! It’s just like unsolicited gym advice, but far more pretentious and often much worse. Enjoy the ride!


On this year’s Krampusnacht I’m here to say that parents today really do a bad job of teaching their children about Krampus. It will make your life so much better, your children more obedient and they will appreciate their presents more when they wake up tomorrow without being beaten with sticks, put into a sack and thrown into the river.

Listen to me, I’ve raised a child who hasn’t been to jail.


The same type of out of shape people who give unsolicited gym advice are the parents with rotten kids who have opinions on your parenting.


Well, to be fair, I know more than a few woefully out-of-shape parents who’ve managed to raise some pretty incredible kids. That balancing act of taking care of yourself so you can take better care of your children is not something everyone can easily navigate.

In my observation the common denominator seems to be the over-inflated ego and a rather absurd combination of ignorance and confidence, with some superficially good intentions sprinkled over the top. Some of my brother’s child-rearing techniques make me cringe, but I bite my tongue because I’m not the guy spending day after day with his girls. He is, so I’m not going to push my ideas stemming from my experiences on to him when they contradict what he’s trying to do.

I picked up a bouncing shift at the old dive bar last week, and let me tell you, plenty of drunken idiots are more than happy to discuss child rearing and nearly any other subject you can imagine. One just one shift I learned such gems as…

The guy with the longer arms will always win the fight.

There’s a guy who thinks he’s in physical danger if he were to travel to Northern Maine because he’s not a Trump supporter.

There’s a former stripper who loves her kids more than words can describe but seems to like cocaine, bad decisions and dating dipshits who ride Harley-Davidsons more than whatever it is she needs to do to regain custody of her children.

Then there’s this asshole who is in his 40’s and felt the need to inform me that he offered my 18 year-old kid weed and alcohol, which I’m glad to learn he didn’t accept. I’m not sure why he decided to tell me this information, but I’m glad he did. It seemed like he was trying to brag to me and yes, impart his perceived child-rearing wisdom, where getting fucked up with your teenage kids is a great way to bond. It also seemed like he was trying to give me an off-hand compliment about my kids reluctance to smoke dope with one of his friend’s dad.

That particular adult won’t be encouraging that behavior anymore. Not with my kid, at least. Boundaries are well-understood at this point.

Dipshits abound!


The best thing is when older relatives or family friends are like “want them to chill out? Just give em a nip of whiskey!” as if it’s some magical cure and not just giving babies alcohol.

After I refuse, the conversation inevitably turns to “well I [insert bad parenting idea here], but I turned out fine!”


I had my first hot toddy at 7 years old when I had a horrible cold.

You take a tea bag, tablespoon of honey, lemon juice and a full shot of bourbon. Pour boiling water over it and drink it as fast as possible. I sweat through my clothes and sheets, woke up in a puddle of cold sweat with no more cold.

Seeing how I turned out, let that be a lesson to you on the dangers of kids and booze.


My in-laws suggested that I do that with my son. I said “Sure. Give whiskey to the scots-irish/native American baby. Fucking brilliant!”.

Me and awkward silences are like this :crossed_fingers: now.