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Things That Piss You Off


You shit’n me bro


Had an architect and contractor propose a phasing plan to me.

I initially agreed to it, but asked for time to think it through.

I realize it’s a lot of work and ask that we pull it off our agenda for a meeting with our client until we clearly understand each firms role and responsibilities.

We schedule said meeting, one day before the meeting with client. I am very clear, architect is visibly annoyed that I’m confirming in such a basic and detailed level.

Next day, we present the phasing plan. All good.

Next day, I’m in unrelated meeting with all parties. Architect states they didn’t realize they would have to do xyz by that date.

I literally do not know how I could have been more clear and now the owner has an expectation that they can’t fulfil.


Ain’t architects the best? I have a gem of an arch on one of my projects that has a building sticking out over a property line, screwed up the height calcs so it’s 5 ft too tall, and went full radio silence for the 2 days before this mornings submittal they were supposed to be running.

You know the economy is thriving when people like that are employeed and getting work.


Got a job offer to start December 3rd at some place. They sent me a contract with the start date in it. I ask a lawyer 2 questions about my obligations under the contract and then sign the agreement and send it back. Took one week to get stuff sorted out.

Hiring manager comes back and says they went with somebody else, after I got a dated offer in writing. I’m a bit perturbed.


Depending on where you live, if you let them know you were having a lawyer look over and it would be a week until you got back to them, you could potentially sue them.

I would go back to your lawyers and ask them to write them a claim. I’d be asking that company for the cost of my lawyer (initially and for this advice), for the notice period and potentially some other costs (stress, etc).

Depending on where you are, it costs at least 10k to go court over something like this and potentially 6 figures. They’ll likely pay it to avoid the hassle and risk… and they should, lest they pull this shit on someone else.


It did cross my mind. But Pittsburgh is basically a small town with a tight knit business community. You sue an employer and you get a bad rap.

Plus I was raised a WASP and have a really strong distaste for lawsuits. Feels dirty.

Also courts in the US almost never award lawyer fees in civil cases. Doing so would wreck plaintiffs who make frivolous claims. The national lawyers guild wouldn’t want to decrease the number of frivolous claims.


If you are ever needing a hand with a project and your friends/family are unavailable, it’s better to take an old branch and stab yourself repeatedly in the genitals rather than getting your spouse to help you :+1:


Nothing like waking up on a fine November morning and going to sleep without your appendix…


Jezuzzz what happened? (Bar the obvious answer)


Half a bottle of tequila


The fella in our office who when making a hot drink taps the spoon he’s using three times on the rim of the cup when finished. If he’s making a few cups for people I just want to strangle him. He also whistles.


I used to work with someone who would say “ring that bell” whenever anything remotely positive happened. I didn’t leave because of him but I could have put up with all the other crap if I didn’t have to hear “ring that bell” every 3 hours.


When people have crap in the back of a truck and it comes flying at you. Thank god I don’t ride a motorcycle. My front end and windshield are victims to some rocks that came hurdling at it on the frwy at about 75 mph. Scary shit and mtf are all I have to say!


I was having stomach pain on and off since Friday. It got real bad on Monday so I finally pulled myhead out of my ass and went to the ER. It had perferated (sp?), but the puss was pretty well contained.


Glad you didn’t die. What’s an infected appendix weigh, 5lbs? You got a jump start on the 2019 transformation.


Oh when does the transformation start? I lost 8 lbs from fracturing ribs and reinjuring. :cold_sweat:. I’m cleared as of yesterday :hugs:



Oddly enough I actually weighed more when I left. I’m guessing because of all the fluids they were pumping into me.


What’d I do?


Can a Marine can be too tough sometimes? I knew someone who died from what you had. Get well, keep pushing your t shirt line, and keep provoking on here. Maybe some sparring with eye dentist while you’re mending?