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Things That Piss You Off


My life goal is to get to a point where they never even come over in the first place.


Unfortunately, this is through email.


If it makes you feel any better, I have to give a presentation tomorrow that’s a combination of two other presentations I gave last week. They wanted the areas separate and now they want to see the full roll-up together.


You know what would make me feel better? If you could live stream it … I too want to see the full roll-up together … and if you could give a separate presentation where they’re split up … I’d like to compare and contrast


Lucky for you I have all three presentations! I’ll send you the webex or blue jeans or whatever the fuck we’re doing tomorrow…


If you could do a Google hangout that’d be great


Pfft, what is this, amateur hour?


I can’t believe it’s fucking snowing before Thanksgiving here…


Yea man … we’re about to get some gross ass snowy mix weather here this evening…


Geez, I had to do the exact same thing. There was the most tenuous of links between the two presentations.

I made the point that this would likely confuse everyone and dilute the message. Which everyone roundly agreed would happen. Then they asked me to do it anyway.

At this point, I asked if I would be presenting this Frankenstein. I was told no, so I threw it together.

My boss then asked me why his other report was late. I told him it was because he wanted his presentation as a priority which pushes everything else out.

His response was that they were both priorities and doing a new task shouldn’t push other tasks out. I decided to mentally exit the conversation at this point rather than see where that trainwreck was going to end.


Does your boss understand how time works?


His boss was telling him he should work unpaid overtime, without actually saying it.


This is usually the point at which I say something that puts me on the short list to be fired.


I have to go into junior marine mode. Yes sir. Aye sir.


Come home after a long day at work… been dealing with a bug for the past few days . Just want to come home, down some NyQuil and crawl into bed. Greeted with are dog out of his day kennel lying on my couch looking at me with this look that said " GEE boss welcome home!! Look at all the carnage I did!"


We’re having our first one right now. Wet slushy roads, people driving like it’s an arctic apocalypse (it really isn’t), the whole nine yards. It’ll all be gone by Saturday.


I hate ice storms. Wires down all over the road and transformers exploding, at least the flashes are pretty blue/green colors.

Oh and screw duquesne light. They came and shut off the power to the sparking/downed wires, then left. Didn’t fix shit. Still no power.


Damn. I was just belly aching a little. You have a legit problem.

Do you have anything like a generator or wood burner?


Burned half a cord of cherry already. My folks live pretty close and they have power. Temps are up high enough pipes won’t freeze. DLC won’t give us any forecast on when it’s fixed. When we call up to ask: “24 thousand customers without power sir.”

“Umm, that’s not an answer. All 24 thousand of those customers pay you every month with no choice, so don’t pretend like they’re a burden now.”

Oh well first world problems.


Well, it’s good that you have a heat source.

We get power outages all the time due to a bend in the road and the power pole placement. Once a month we here Bang! and out goes the power. Then all the sirens, then the power comes back on in about 3hrs.

Allegheny doesn’t even answer the phone any more. Just a recording saying that they know.