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Things That Piss You Off


Well, I’m stuck until my father-in-law dies, which for my wife’s sake I hope is a longtime, but I’ll probably end up in the looney bin.


ooophf … no thank you. As much as I’ve improved my disposition, I’m sure I’d end up being a giant dickhead to my MIL - I’m also sure my FIL and I would get into a fist fight (provoked by him) over politics at some point … he’s a dirty statist and he thinks I"m a dirty republican (jokes on him)


My wife has managed to cause some level of damage to the back of every car that she or I have owned since we met.

When buying our latest car, I used this knowledge and I bought somethjng with sensors all over the place (that go off when you are within 2 metres), cameras at the front and back with collision indicators and parking assist.

I thought, it’s actually pretty difficult to hit something in this car. I wasn’t 100% confident but I figured I’d get at least a year out of it.

Well, no. I’d like to know what happened but I decided to bail out of the conversation after the answer to my first two questions:
“Did the sensors go off?” Yes!
“Was the camera working and could you see what you were going to hit?” Yes!


There is a fairly heated election coming up at the local level, where I live. There are board positions open for an entity and there are 2 disgruntled ex-employees running for spots on this board. What pisses me off, is that they’ve made a local kid (17-18) their unofficial spokesperson, funneling a lot of their disingenuous (at best) and blatant (at worst) lies about statistics and such concerning this entity. By funneling all of this information through a local school age youth , they have basically made themselves untouchable, a huge push on social media through this individual has spread large and serious accusations towards current board members and many others affiliated with the entity, but the adults are not posting or talking about anything, absolute radio silence on all of the subjects, so there is no place for other adults who are getting accused of corruption (for example) to refute anything, because they’ll simply be painted as the bad guy for ‘attacking’ a kid on social media. It’s absolutely brilliant, politically, for these individuals, you have a megaphone that effectively can’t be silenced due to their age through which to funnel your opinions about other adults, without suffering any rebuke.

TL:DR: People are assholes, and it pisses me off that adults are using children so that they, the adults, are able to avoid answering tough questions or rebuke.


I guess no one scheduled a debate?


No debates, no. Simply forums where they could ask and answer pre-determined questions, and the big push via social media has come after all scheduled forums/Q&A sessions. Like I said, politically, it is a really smart move on their part, because they’re literally just rapid firing accusations, but the accused have no recourse because it is all coming from a child, ha. They’re playing on everyone’s emotions and if they’re all elected and they get a majority that thinks like them…I think they’re going to torpedo the entity, absolutely torpedo it. I’m a live and let live guy, but jesus, people are fucking dumb (and gullible).


This is some pussy ass bullshit - we had Barney Frank in town a like 10 years ago when he was still our Rep; I showed up to ask him pointed question of the Dodd-Frank act but they wouldn’t let me get anywhere close to the mic … all questions were pre-approved. I think it was around that time I decided all politicians were cowardly sacks of shit unless they demonstrate otherwise consistently…


Agreed, the questions were seriously slanted too, like I said, there has been some shady shit going on, especially for a small town. It has definitely earned it’s way into the “things that piss you off” category for me, ha.


Wait, you mean there are politicians out there who will cynically use children to emotionally manipulate people and shield their positions from criticism?

Say it ain’t so!

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Who’s the chick?


Hey, that guy is a Vietnam War hero!


r/education reinforces my decision to send my kid to private school…public school teachers are, by and large, a fucking circle jerk joke


Could you say the same about people who put that much value into what they read on reddit?


We’re the only generation that will have our children die younger than us.
We’re the only generation that will leave their children poorer than themselves
We’re going to leave our children a planet of natural disasters.

Man, I could reel so many of these off from all sides of politics. We’re very vulnerable to arguments involving children so, as you say, we should expect that to be exploited.


I can ask you the same thing about what they read on T-Nation but then I’m not that kinda guy


More bemusement than pissed off.

Wife says, I need to run out. Do you mind putting out the washing? I say, no problems… then I get the debrief:

The washing that was out, got wet. It needs to come in.
A load just came out.
There’s a load on.
The washing has to stay inside because it’s going to rain.

We have one small clothes horse that fits one small load of clothes.

There are now clothes where ever there is something resembling a hook or line. I was going to ask why are there 3 loads for hanging when there is only space for less that 1 but I’ve learned just to keep my mouth shut haha


Don’t ask me to run a report for you for September and then 5 seconds after I send it to you ask me for one for October. Wasting my fuck’n time!


Bruh … that shit drives me fuckin’ crazy - my version is “can you run this analysis for the past 6 months…” build the query, qa and run the analysis … the SQL pull actually takes fuckin 3 hours to run…hand in the delivarable.

Oh this is good … can we see it for the past 12???



Dude, that’s way worse, lol.


It’s fucking annoying. It’s gotten to the point, though that it’s predictable to the point where I’ve ran two separate reports off of a giant universe query … I’ve gotten pretty good at preempting these people and just putting together more than they ask for … trying to answer the question they ask and the next 3 or 4 I can think they’ll ask