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Things That Piss You Off


How in our health curriculum, we had to watch a documentary about how obesity isn’t the parent/child’s fault and it isn’t just about calories in vs calories out when the kids are there eating cheeseburgers for lunch and drinking coke…


@JMaier31 and @SkyzykS, damn, good stuff, thanks! You guys are killing me at this.


I got lucky. The kid is way better than I can take credit for.


Along with kitchen towels for washing hands, kitchen towels for drying surfaces and kitchen towels for dishes, there is a subcategory of one these (I forget which) that allows them to be used to clean stuff up off the floor, or other unsanitary places, in an emergency. After the clean up they are to be discarded. Surprisingly, I wasn’t able to identify the right towel.

I hate our towel draw!!! I begin sweating when I open it.


My wife uses the same towels for dishes, drying hands and wiping the dog’s feet before she comes inside when it’s muddy.

I didn’t realize I was lucky in that regard.


Took a shower at gym and on the shower floor (I’m not kidding) was a razor and a bunch of pubes… Some asshole shaved his pubes in a public shower and left the pubes and the razor on the shower floor in plain sight, keep in mind these are individual showers. So the next individual to take a shower in that particular shower can receive the wonderful gift of viewing some dudes shaved off pubes accompanied with the disposable razor used to shave said pubes


On the bright side, at least it wasn’t some dick shaving his asshole.


Bruh, that ain’t lucky. I hope she tosses those dirty fucking towels in the washer after she dries the dogs’ feet. I hope they don’t touch dishes after that …


Of course we do. We usually grab the hand towel to wipe the dog’s feet. After that it’s washed.

I understood @strongmangoals’ post to mean that they have designated towels.

Hand towels > hands
Dish towels > dishes

Don’t you dare use a dish towel on your hands and he ruined everything by using one on the floor.


I did 10 sets of 3-5 deadlifts yesterday (pyramid, started with 5s, then 3s, then back to one set of 5).

Leg curls, heavy kettlebell swings, and a “plate pull” thing where I pulled a 45lb plate back to my rear while laying on the ground.

I had to get my wife to push down the leg rest of my recliner this morning after drinking coffee.


That shouldn’t piss you off … that should make you proud you killed it yesterday


Maybe. But I feel like a 15 year old boy who just got out of juvie, in Mexico.


Reliving the good ole days eh?


Alas, the only time I was ever detained by law enforcement was I ditched yeshiva and went surfing when a storm was coming (made the waves awesome).

They called my father, who came in to police station in full uniform (IDF) with a look I still recall today. I would have rather been in a Mexican prison.


Earlier, while lowering the angle on a bench, it slipped out of my hands and slammed down. Having the reflexes of a sloth I didn’t move my hands fast enough amd wedged some finger skin in the bench.

The skin busted and bruised up. I couldn’t stop the bleeding so I did the right thing and went home instead of blooding up the joint.

I dont put a bandaide/bandage on but the bleeding stops. I go about my morning business. Boil some rice and eggs.

Go to peel the egg, forget about my finger and manage to get a small piece of egg peel wedged under the skin. I end up having to tweezer it out, which is surprisingly painful because egg shells are amazingly sharp lol, especially on the pretty raw crushed skin.

Wife is looking at me but I don’t want to seem like an idiot so I say it’s a splinter. She then remarks about how wussy guys are … stupid pride


Instantly talk myself out of drinking any soda by doing this.


Never let your in-laws live with you.




Haha I lived with the inlaws while we organised a place to live when we came back from a stint overseas… it was short but impactful haha


10 months with my in-laws, 1 Month with my family… N.E.V.E.R. H.A.P.P.E.N.I.N.G. A.G.A.I.N.

That one month, I was constantly in trouble for things my family did.