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Things That Piss You Off


@usmccds423 just tell them how to do it and watch them squirm. No excuse for the GL guy not to be able to sort data. Unless he’s your boss in which case do it for him.

“All you have to do is sort the sheet by column N, make sure to format as numbers first, concatenate N with Z, use either a reverse V lookup or a sumif, then pivot table. Done.”


Not my boss. She’s an older woman, but idgaf. I’ll get to it tomorrow…


It’s funny … this seems pretty simple but when you’re talking to someone who doesn’t know any of that it’s like you’re speaking Greek


Yep. He lost me and I used to be pretty decent at Excel. I guess I forgot a lot of stuff or just never needed it. Luckily there’s the HELP option and online tutorials. Hell, I learned about the CEILING function from Jim Wendler. I knew how to get that result in a spreadsheet but I was using two functions instead of one.

I’ll say it again. I learned an Excel feature from Jim Wendler… this ought to go in the Flame Free thread.


Man, I’d say the vast majority of my excel knowledge and skills came from google search results…


-10 minute conversations about keto dieting outside my office between people who might be in shape enough to play 18 with a cart. “Just do 5/3/1 you motherfuckers and eat all the processed shit you want.” Wussed out and did not say that.

-How much money other people getting married seems to be costing me lately. My wife’s friends are in a trend of outdoing each other with weekend getaway bachelorette parties which isn’t helping. Next destination wedding will be attended via Face-time.

-Kindergarten homework is just a retarded concept in general. Nice way to break up 30-45 minutes where 98% of the time is spent complaining about the homework and getting distracted by everything.

-21 Pilots. There’s a ton of shit music out there right now, but I don’t think anyone should be subjected to this even for the few seconds it takes to change the radio station. And on that matter when the fuck will they stop playing Nirvana. Bad then, bad now.


It’s not even that complicated. She would need to remove the sub-total and re-subtotal. Boom, wow, tough stuff.


You’re not one of those guys who creates those spreadsheets that you need to print on 4 A3 pages, stick together than fold in a particular way to get the information you need are you?

I hate those guys. They think their stupid print and fold works so well and I always tell them I dont want to friggin print 4 of these bastards to make sense of anything! Fix your damn reporting software.



That people are actually writing articles regarding fat shaming and doctors!!!! Really! Really! These people actually feel its bad practice for doctors to suggest to patients it might be in there best interests to do so health wise.


That’s not even fat shaming - it’s doctor/patient advice


Exactly!! The whole Fat acceptance thing is getting out of hand!!


My kid is a great student and loves school work, BUT, his reading, language and math are several grades past his kindergarten stuff.

Aside from having fun doing it, its just one huge waste of time. The real kicker is that there are signature and date lines for the parents to sign, which means that they are checking parental participation, and that is not the schools fucking job.

And THAT pisses me off to no end.


Just start signing them with fun pseudonyms: “Bruce Wayne” for starters. Get more ridiculous from there.


Date them from the future. “Completed 10/10/2130”.

If she (the teacher) asks, I’ll tell her about my time machine. And her bastard grand kids!


My daughter is in kindergarten and they’re always asking for money! They wear uniforms but if they bring a dollar on Fridays then they can dress down. They have other special dress down days. They have special snacks.

Tomorrow the 5 From 5 fundraiser is due. We were supposed to ask five people for $5 dollars. I don’t even know why.


We’re lucky in that there’s no parental signatures yet, but kind of a moot point with how much micromanaging is required for it to get done. My kid probably isn’t that advanced, but it definitely doesn’t help we’re in the catch-up phase of kindergarten, where all the HW is repetitive/boring stuff she’d been doing in daycare for a long time now.

That’s pretty brutal, we had a fundraiser that was fairly ridiculous, but they made it clear if it was successful enough it would be the only one. The first daycare we went to had fundraisers, those really didn’t make sense to me. $5 from 5 people sure is random and strange though.

I guess for both of you kindergarten parent guys, is attention span a struggle right now? My kid seems fairly sharp at times, but can’t focus on a damn thing if it takes more than 30 seconds. That’s not an exaggeration, that’s literally how long I see it last sometimes.


I think my daughter is doing pretty good. She’s smart though. I think my son will be a different story when he gets there in a few years. She got in trouble last week for “not following directions”. I don’t even know what that means. From what I could gather she didn’t do her homework so she had to miss part of recess to do it, but they put her where she could see the other kids playing. She kept watching them and not doing her homework. Well, no shit! She’s five. Why would you even put her in that situation?

My daughter is going to a magnet school and she has a standing homework order for every night. We have to read to her for 15 minutes, write down the books and sign her planner every night. I just realized they’re tracking the days that we do this. They put a star and a number next to the days that we do it and a sad face on the days that we don’t.

The teachers communicate with us through the planner but they’re absolutely terrible at it. The first time the teacher wrote anything she said “Lucy hit a boy in his private.” That’s it. No context. Nothing.

My wife also teaches in the school district so she emailed her and it turns out the boy hit her and she was holding her lunch box and swung it back at him. It was at the height of his crotch since she was holding it. It wasn’t intentionally aimed at his junk; she just retaliated to being hit and that’s where it happened to land.

What the teacher wrote made it sound like my daughter hit this kid for absolutely no reason. That might be cause for concern but hitting him in response to being hit is a different situation entirely.

My daughter is pretty stinkin cute (I know, all parents say that) and my wife suspects the teacher is kind of mean to her because of it. My wife is a pretty good judge of character so I’m inclined to believe her. This school is a dual language school and it’s mostly Hispanic kids. It’s possible that the teacher doesn’t like the little blonde white girl. I’m not jumping to any conclusions yet. I’m sure we’ll get a better assessment at parent/teacher conferences.


People just free falling deadlifts with the best bar in the gym and bending it into a nice big “C” shape. I now have to be one of those gym managers that puts up a sign, “Please do not drop deadlifts.” We are going to be, one of those gyms. And that pisses me off, but we can’t afford to replace bars, and can’t afford to spend a huge chunk on a ‘good’ bar (which we don’t really need because we don’t really have any strong people here, including myself.

…I’m mostly pissed because it was my favorite bar to squat with (for a completely unknown reason)


I kid you not- the Caesar Milan method. We run around in the yard for a while and generally let him be a kid. Then we sit down and bang out a few pages of homework. Reward is a couple of gummy bears. Usually one for each page. I also gamify the work a little to capitalize on his competitive nature, and hold back the big reward- Story Time! When he does really good (always) he gets to pick a story for me to read to him.

We’re a couple of years into it at this point so the habits are set, but its pretty quick and easy to train. It gives him a simple structure that he understands and can operate in with confidence.

Also- whiteboards (dry erase). He can draw and scribble or do anything he wants with it, make mistakes of no consequence, etc. And just have fun. Then when he’s ready we’ll get down with some math. He’s super psyched about big numbers, so we’ll walk through a few whoppers like 2367+7633 to get him excited (I narrate the procedures), then back it down to his level and he does the same.

Most important: its never punitive. I don’t ever want to instill in him any negative connotations about learning or doing the work.


The sugar content in soft drinks legit irritates the shit out of me. I was about to by myself a soda the other day and I looked at the back (mind you that was like a 500ml bottle) 80 GRAMS of sugar, what the hell, what is this? Liquid diabetes… That’s more sugar than a standard oral glucose tolerance test