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Things That Piss You Off


People that are ultra competitive in co-ed softball that aren’t even good.

*People that are ultra competitive in co-ed softball period. It’s Sunday afternoon softball you fucktards.


Sorry. I can’t help myself. It’s just for fun, but I want to win, dammit! Wining is fun.

I get a little too competitive when it’s win or go home. I enjoy playing and I must win if I want to continue playing. I don’t yell at my teammates or anything but I get noticeably pissed off.


Wanting to win is perfectly acceptable. Getting upset at yourself if you make a mistake is perfectly acceptable.

Yelling at the top of your lungs at the overweight female catcher that is only there because the league requires three girls per game is fucking nonsense. Running over the overweight second baseman (also a girl) because you just have to be safe on that tag from first, is fucking nonsense. Screaming “FUCK!”, “GOD DAMN IT SUSAN!”, etc… is fucking nonsense.

It’s not a competitive men’s league. I subbed for another team yesterday and play SS for them (haven’t played short since HS and I only played it for about 4 games because a kid got suspended. Otherwise I haven’t played it since I was like 9). We picked a girl up for our doubleheader who had already played in 6 games that day…

It’s supposed to be fuuuuuuuun. FUCK!

*Our league is just a doubleheader on Sunday’s for like 8 weeks. No tournament. No playoffs. I don’t even know if they keep a win/loss record…


Yeah, I don’t go into that territory. I know going into it that my teammates are probably going to fail to meet my expectations. Hell, some can’t even bend over and touch their toes. How can I expect them to field a grounder while moving to their left?

I must admit that I started calling the opposing team a bunch of pussies last year during our work tournament. It was a team that works outside our agency. We were in the quarter or semi-finals and they wouldn’t swing. They’d take three walks and then hit a double and score all three. On our side we couldn’t hit water if we fell out of a boat. If they’d swung the bat then they obviously would have hit into outs. I was frustrated…and drunk. I wasn’t proud of myself later. :laughing:


I once saw a late 40’s overweight, overly competitive douche bag knock a 9 year old over and make him cry at his own birthday when we were playing Touch football.

We had words. Quiet but unmistakable words about going over into the woods where there were no witnesses. Suddenly, he understood.


I don’t understand why you would take a walk. I mean, if the pitcher is waaay off, sure I guess. If it’s even close I’m swinging. I think I’ve taken 3 pitches in the last two years. I almost always swing at the first pitch.

That’s ridiculous.


I didn’t quite understand all of the rules of co-ed softball until last year. I “swung” after the ball got to the catcher to avoid a walk last year. I wanted to hit a homerun because I had in my last at-bat so I knew it was possible. I ended up grounding into a fielder’s choice. I later found out that a walk was actually a double for me because a girl was up next. Due to being competitive, I started taking walks if they wouldn’t pitch to me.


Thanksgiving family tackle football game (bad idea). My 120lb wife broke my dad’s pinky and hyperextended my 6’4" 300# cousin’s knee. If there’s redheads involved, it’s deadly competitive.


Weird. Our league is normal baseball rules you just start 1/1 and you only get one foul.


At our old keggers/softball games it wasn’t unheard of to chase after the pitch and windmill swing at the ball.

There weren’t actually any real rules. It was more like the coincidence of beer and softball stuff. And occasionally bottle rockets to shoot at other people.



Agree. Very strange time to offer gay, outdoor sex.


I’m not beyond using sodomy as a threat.

Or a promise.

Which ever gets me more cake.


Wrong thread. I chuckled.


When some replies to an email with a question that is answered in the FUCKING EMAIL THEY RESPONDED TO! GOGOGOGOGOGOGGOODODODODODODODODODOD DMANIT!!!


Come home to see the wife cooking a single sausage on my beloved 32cm Swiss Diamond pan. She decided this needed the full heat of the wok burner and metal tongs.

The smoke, the smell, the sounds as I walked into the kitched, it was awful. Im not sure if he’ll make it…

It’s been a long time since I shed a tear.


If you give someone a bunch of information in an excel document, is it too much to ask that that person re-format it the way they want it? I just don’t understand why a person would email me to manipulate the data I already sent them when they could have done it themselves in the amount of time it took them to send the emial.

I might throw my desk I swear to god.


Do they know how to do it though? I’ve worked with sales people who only know how to read the dataset I’ve sent them in the excel - they don’t know the first thing of how to actual use excel in any meaningful way…


They work in general accounting…


So you’re telling me they know how to use the sum function … gotcha