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Things That Piss You Off


Man, so I started playing hockey again … haven’t laced up the skates in like 10 years not counting public skates. First game … pull my fuckin’ groin. Wasn’t anything a day, some ibuprofen, and stretching couldn’t fix but still … fuckin hell…

not to mention I felt like I couldn’t do more than 2 things at once … I had a “fast” break at one point and I swear to god I felt like I forgot out the handle the puck … my buddy who asked me to play was like “You looked good out there…” platitudes man …

On the flip side, I skated hard before my injury and didn’t feel like puking … so my cardio’s on point at least…


Brah, I’ve got you beat. I felt the same way last year when I, wait for it, walked onto a softball field… Fml


Psssh, I tried running the other day. Not like a fast jog, actual running… fuck that.


I’ve never been able to actually jog. Its either walk, run or sprint. I used to really like Indian runs during wrestling season because they’re a nice combination of run and sprint.

Even riding bikes I have to stay in a lower gear/higher cadence.


Yeah fuck running :joy:


It seems that every time someone tells a black person they can’t do something it quickly gets turned into racism.

J. R. Smith got a tattoo that says “Supreme” on his leg and the NBA says he has to cover it up because it’s a logo. Players can’t wear their own endorsements, I guess…or maybe there’s an approved list.

Anyway, people are upset that his employer is telling him to cover a tattoo. Wow, what a concept. My employer says that too.

But the NBA is racist. Other comments I saw said they were trying to be slave owners.

What in the actual fuck is wrong with people? How about this is a known policy of his employer and he’s been told there will be consequences if he violates it? Why is this a race issue?

People seem to forget that these major sports leagues are actually businesses and there are bosses and employees. There are rules. Freedom of speech applies to civil rights - not rules of the work place. Your freedom implies you won’t be charged with a crime. It doesn’t mean that you can’t be fired.


If being a slave in 2018 equates to $12.8m, take my tattoo freedom away.


I had a friend from college text me today. We haven’t talked in 7 years and he deleted me from FB. After several texts, something felt odd to me so I checked his FB. He has several gofundemes throigh the years. One for paying for a new baby, another for exterminators. I just kept being friendly, then comes THE text where he asks me for money. Fuck you, man.


Hi, I’m a human and I feel like you should give me money because I simply exist.

I have some Native American blood in my family and there are times that I wish I was living in a teepee and living off the land.

It was simple. You grow crops and hunt for food or you die. I hate free loaders.


I do too. I’m also very generous with people. I just hate when people drop in, pretend to be friendly, then BAM! “I need money to support my child-having-addiction” or “cant afford to fly home to see family”.


Sounds like lack of planning to me.

I like to be generous. Some people need help; others expect it.


These seem like problems that can easily be mitigated by taking responsibility for one’s own actions and a bit of fore-sight. Inching closer to middle-age I have little to no sympathy for people who can’t save money enough to cover slight emergencies ($1,000 or so). Shit, even in my post military phase I always maintained an emergency fund and I was broke AF then. Some people’s kids man…


Apparently this is some archaic concept only written on the walls of caves. In my line of work I can literally solve all problems if people would accept this.

A couple weeks ago I worked a traffic collision and the at-fault driver couldn’t pay the tow truck driver $75 to move her car out if the way. She also didn’t know anyone who had $75.

And she was uninsured…and had a suspended license. All of her problems were related to money but I’m pretty sure she is doing nothing to fix that (other than feeling sorry for herself).


How did she pay for gas?


Rant: Being an outsider coming into a new town, area, and school district (for my wife) from almost eerily similar areas (size wise) and having a view from outside the local politics and strife, it pisses me off how poorly the folks here treat the school district, school board, and coaches (top to bottom). Having been involved in other school systems in another state that are almost identical in size, and seeing how little those schools had to work with compared to here is just wild, the amount of technology and access to that technology for students is unprecedented, and it is on the school’s dime, not the parents’. The opportunities in this school and state for continuing education (due to scholarships and in-state funding) is through the roof, if you put effort in, you will get a check to help with the college of your choice if you choose in-state schooling. Local parents are up in arms about turnover in teaching and coaching (the teachers that were not asked back, mind you, not fired) were teachers that struggled with professional boundaries, but the parents are convinced that the school is simply letting their child’s ‘friend’ go (“But they had such a good relationship with all the kids!” Yeah, Linda, because they didn’t have to do fuck-all and passed.) There has been an inordinate amount of bitching about the turnover in coaching, especially basketball (“He was such a nice guy! It was local politics that got him fired!” No, it was his 5-6 seasons where they won a total of 6 games and wasted some very talented athletes.) “The AD just hires people he likes!” No, once again, they hire people that apply to coach and teach, if you would like that opportunity, please, please step up to the plate and show them (other than yelling from the stands) why and how you are qualified, and then produce results for the district.

Tl:DR - People are dumb and I don’t like them.


I disagree … seems to me that the problems you highlighted stem from not taking responsibility for herself and her actions.


grass or ass I"m assuming


How did she get the car in the first place? No clue.

Bingo. The short term problems were related to money but the root of the problems are ignorance, laziness, self entitlement, or a combination of all three.

Graduate high school. Do nothing. Don’t work. Don’t plan ahead. Just live one day at a time and then be shocked and offended when bad things happen.


This one pisses me off. There seems to be an over abundance of people who think the ‘deserve’ things; cars, vacations etc. My ex has gotten himself into hot water with this. The world doesn’t care what you think you deserve. It cares about what you can afford.


Whats the point of trying anymore? Why even try to be nice to in laws? I would’ve set that phone down gently and walked away.

I’m now (after 6 yrs of disrespect) at the point where I’m not going out of my way to be nice to anyone. In fact, I’m at the point where I’m ready to be downright rude. Stonewall, insults, walking away in the middle of a conversation, decline family events, you name it.

I assume the in-laws told themselves long ago that they needed to play along nicely with their in laws, and they think the same applies to me. Guess what, it doesn’t :smile:

fuck your paradigm in-laws.