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Things That Piss You Off


That’s right up there on the list of really important things with the consistency of the cotton wrapping on q-tips.

Don’t you dare twist those things counter clockwise while they’re in your ear!


Yes, I do actually
You know how much fun you could have with putting his number on the internet?!




Dollars to donuts his number already is on the internet … all you need is a name


Cenobites. You’ve unlocked them.


So THAT’S who’s been leaving the toilet seat up … my wife never believed me when I told her it wasn’t me…


Dear Guy walking while looking at your fuckin’ phone,

You’d probably almost run into less people if you picked your fucking head up from your phone - it’s akin to walking with your head shoved directly up your ass in my book. It’s especially infuriating when you happen to be over 6 feet and you force a woman a good foot shorter than you into a fucking wall because you can not walk in a straight line whilst updating your fucking fantasy team you narcissistic asshat.

Ok, that’s all.


People do this in our office. It pisses me off beyond belief.


sorry @polo77j , i was checking instagram.

my bad.

still buds?


There were 3 guys in a row … one dude literally zig-zagging down the hallway and two paying attention to their phones while coming around corners. I’ve started being vocal when I see 'em coming and they’re paying attention to their phones - a direct “excuse me” or “look alive” tends to jolt them out of their black mirror haze. When I come to a corner or a door I lower a shoulder … if they bump me I’m going to be ready…and these assholes have fucking drivers licenses which I see daily on my commute as well…


Yea … but get your head outta your ass man … you’re a big dude and already scare women when you’re NOT about to walk into them nevermind when you are…


but @polo77j…it was INSTAGRAM! thats like real life that validates me, you know, as a person!

I have needs, ya’know~


I’ll tell you what you can do with your fuckin’ needs

on the real though, I’m somewhat proud to say I’ve never been on Instagram


I didn’t even have my first smartphone until about a month ago when work forced me to. That’s how cool I am.


Me too. Well, a friend of mine gave me one. He buys them directly for dirt cheap and decided it was time I join the rest of humanity.

Haven’t activated it yet.


I put people that dont have instagram in the same category as adults who wear chucks.

I’m very judgy~


You’re also very edgy … heyyyooooo


You old fuckers need to get off Myspace and onto Instagram!


in my day we respected out elders … you derelict


Get with the times, old man!