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Things That Piss You Off


Some sleeping dogs should be left to lay.

My wife quit checking my browser history ages ago.


The real question is what is he actually using the notebook paper for. If that’s the cover story…


Kinda relevant…


IF you make it that far down you might as well call it a day … you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel at that point … unless you’re into that in which case I’m sure you use skip 5 like all the other degenerates out there


I was up too the tentacles and gyno exams by that stage




Just a few general public service announcements along these lines:
-If you use chrome on your phone, but then log into your gmail on your desktop, the autocomplete thing transfers over and can incriminate you.
-More horrifying if you’re especially unlucky on the timing, if you don’t close the browser window and get into your car where you have it playing Bluetooth audio, it’ll bring up the title and continue playing the audio from it.


I would love if you shared the story behind this …


Fortunately it was just me in the car, but that doesn’t make for a good story. Could have been bad though. On the first one, it was “were you watching porn???”…“uh…(extremely confused) not on that computer.”


Things that piss me off:

ok, so you just want the rack for a moment to finish your whatever. you’ve just watched me set up for B4B with two barbells, a bench, and an estimated shitload of iron, and now I’m just pushing the button to start the timer. why not interrupt me before I set up 170kg of squat and 95kg of bench?


i really really like ice cream.

with chocolate syrup.



I was hoping you were going to say penguins, so that those little tuxedo bad boys would make it into both threads haha


What really pisses me off is when my wife has her monthly visitor… she text me through the day how she misses me and the like. Once she comes home she rips me a new Ass hole for what ever reason. GOD I really am considering drinking during this time period. Christ…less than 15 minutes before that she was texting how much she loves me…



That’s why I hike and fish.

Next week is gtfo the house week. The flies are tied and I don’t care whether or not the fish are biting.


I’ve been eating a mixture of a small handful of almonds and walnuts each morning for about 3 months.

Yesterday, go to get nuts: Ooooh cashews. I usually gorge on cashews but they’d make a nice change. I’m sure I can control myself this time.

Later that afternoon, 500g of cashews devoured.


Unbalanced (and likely cheap) GHR machines.

I had to cut my training short because I had to clean up my underwear. The damn thing tipped (didnt topple) just as I passed 45°.


Mother in law is in town, which other than below, has been great.

Me: mowing lawn. Get to a spot right behind a tree and I push forward then pull it back.

Wife: BABE!!

M in L: OMG, what’s going on? (She thinks I cut a finger off)

F in L: (on FaceTime) what’s happening?!

Wife: Chris mowed in reverse.

F in L: what’s happening?

Wife to F in L: Chris is mowing in reverse, tell him why that’s bad. hands me phone

F in L: Lectures me on mowing

One damn 4’ long spot by a tree…


But why is mowing in reverse bad? I’ve never heard this.


Would you like my father in law’s number?


Tell him to come mow your fucking lawn if he knows better.